I’m a 29 year old, self employed, work at home mom who survives on dry shampoo and online shopping.  My life is very average.  In fact, I LIVE for average.  Our house is not a wall to wall white beachfront home, I don't have an extravagant budget (although let me loose in Old Navy during dollar flip flop days and I'll make it rain), and I'm raising my kids to live a fun, regular old childhood, on a farm in our small rural Ontario town.  I grew up in a hockey family one small town over (yes, we live in towns so small we use them as units of measurement!).

I met my hubby and best friend, Kevin, at a country bar when I was 22.  I was engaged by 23, married by 24, had our son Jase at 25, and our daughter Aubree at 27.  

Basically if you’re looking for cool vacation pictures or destination ideas, you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

I want to share with you all of the things I find absolute joy in.  Fashion.  Beauty.  Home Decor.  Motherhood.  Things in which I am mediocre, at best.  I looove sports and ALL things “Pinterest-y”.  Recipes that don’t turn out? Yup.  DIYs that look easy but actually leave you cursing and covered in glue?  You bet.  Organization?  HELL YES.  Give. Me. All. Of. It. 

I can’t wait to share my journey with you - what makes my household tick, (or what happens when my household GETS ticks).  I hope to inspire you to find the beauty in your life as well, as average as it may be, and share some laughs, tears, and everything in between along the way. 


Country over city.

Showers over baths.

 Average AF life in a small town. 

Living in perfectly imperfect chaos alongside the love of my life, and two littles.  

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"


Meet The Fam!


Kevin - 30

This is my husband Kevin! He's a 6'7", handsome, kind and hardworking guy who lives and breathes farming.  We share a love for hockey (Go Leafs Go!) and baseball (Go Jays Go!) and his calm nature is the only thing that keeps me from losing my shit on a daily basis.  I love everything about him and he is THE BEST DAD EVER to our babies.  

Jase - 4

This little man is our first born and I am head over heels for him. He's a smart, happy, loving kid with a heart of gold and his imagination is out of this world. His current passions include any type of farm machinery, any type of construction vehicle, hockey and he also LOVES swimming!  

Aubree - 2

Our sweet little girl and love of my life!  Bree is a happy, active baby who is obsessed with her big brother and has zero use for sleep.  She gave us our million dollar family, and every time she smiles, I melt a little inside.  


Photos by Haley Thuss