The other day I shared a little sneak peek into my binder full of recipes and I got so many messages to do a blog post on it!!! Good to see my fellow Type A’s showing up!! LOL. You know I love a good organization project. There are tons of options out there for how to go about organizing your recipes (they’re called Pinterest boards, lol am I right???).

But what about the special one your grandma passed down for that mouth-watering apple pie, or the magazine clippings you ripped out at the dentist office when no one was looking? Gotta organize those ones too. I started off with a box full of cue cards, and soon thought - the hell with this. Leafing through every little card for the specific one you’re looking for and then when the card is sitting there it’s getting full of batter and sauce and whatever else (seriously, is this actually just a post about first world problems??). Anyway, in order to combat all of those enormous annoyances (lol) I came up with another plan. And so was born “the book of crazy”.


All of the supplies I used I found at Staples. Here’s what I used (I linked each of them for you too!)

Binder (mine is boring and was already sitting in a cupboard- but you can make it as plain or pretty as you want!

Tab Dividers

Clear Photo Holders

Clear Sheet Protectors

4x6 Cue Cards (or 5x7 - whichever your sheet protectors will hold)


So essentially what I did was take the cue cards I had in my messy recipe box (I don’t have a before picture, but trust me when I say it was a bit of a hot mess!) and sorted them into the photo sheets, and then into categories divided up by the tab dividers (I know, I know- the crazy is just seeping out at this point LOL).

On each cue card, I have ingredients on the front and directions on the back. What I like most about this system is that I can easily just take the page I want out (or leave it in the binder), read the front and back of the recipe card easily, and if anything gets on it, it easily wipes away from the clear protector! I’ve also seen binders that actually fold completely over that could be handy in this case, especially if you already had a stand for a tablet or something!


Lastly, anything you might find in a magazine or otherwise (sometimes I find that when I’m making a certain recipe, especially baked goods, I like to have a picture for reference) you can just use normal sheet protectors. Also, how f-ing good do these maple carrot cupcakes look?? LOL


So that about does it for how I organize recipes! I love to flip through it when I want to change it up from our usual go-to’s, or when I’m looking for a little inspiration - sometimes you forget about all the good ones you save! Plus, it’s a great way to protect the recipes you love the most so you can keep passing them down!