Happy Monday friends! This was a much requested video after my last hair tutorial post (here!) because my last one was only in photos, and I was asked a lot to do an actual video of it so I could show step-by-step what I do! So I (finally, lol) got around to it and I’m excited to show you this quick and easy video of how to achieve a flirty, wavy hairstyle!

I absolutely love this look because it looks so effortless and tousled. Even after a few hours, the curls might have fallen out a bit but they turn into easy, effortless looking waves and still look great!

Photo: Haley Thuss

Photo: Haley Thuss


First things first: All of the products and tools I use in the video! I’ve changed up my curling wand since my post about achieving beachy waves, and I’m obsessed with this 3-in-1 wand from T3!

I am OBSESSED with this wand!! I normally use the thickest attachment because I have a ton of hair, so it saves time- but the others work amazing as well (plus, it comes with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!). This set includes a 1" straight barrel, a 1.5" straight barrel, and a 1.25" - 0.75" tapered barrel. There are five different heat settings, and turns off automatically after one hour of being on.

This trio is definitely an investment, but it’s super high quality and is definitely the best I’ve ever used. If you’re interested (and act fast!), this trio in particular is $85 off, and T3 is having their Friends and Family event right now, which gives you a 20% off your purchase (ends Oct 24, 2018!).

Kevin Murphy doo.over Dry Powder Spray

This texturizing spray is AMAZING for achieving volume. I use it primarily at my roots for volume but will also give the middle/ends a little spray as well to give the curls something to stick to, so they in turn stay in longer.


Tres Semme Extra Hold Hairspray

This is the hairspray I’ve been using for years and although I’ve tried others, I keep going back to this one. It holds curls in REALLY well but doesn’t make your hair heavy or sticky (plus, you can’t beat the price!).


So now that you have all the tools and products you need, here’s the step-by-step video!