Photos by Haley Thuss Photographer

Leaves are falling, the colours outside are amazing, and now is arguably the most popular time to get family photos done! Fall makes for a great opportunity to dress your fam up and snapshot some really beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. Picking outfits for everyone can be stressful - trying to find things that will look great together in that framed photo above the mantle is no easy task when you’re trying to do it for the whole family. But that’s why I’m here - to help make your job easier!


The most important thing - I CANNOT stress this enough - is that you don’t want your outfits to match- you want them to co-ordinate. You might be thinking- what the hell is the difference?? There’s a big difference! For example- the first thing you’ll want to do is pick a colour scheme. This is easiest if you start with one piece you already have (in this case, it was Jase’s plaid shirt!) and the colour scheme I chose went along with it- burgundy and navy. If we all matched, we would all be wearing different variations of blue or navy, or perhaps all in different variations of burgundy. This is what you’ll want to avoid. You shouldn’t all be trying to match- because at the end of the day, if you’re wearing different things, chances are it will just end up looking like you tried to match but really don’t. You’ll see below that instead, all of our outfits co-ordinate with each other. I started with Jase’s shirt, happened to have Bree’s dress already, and went from there. The key to great pictures is not only to be comfortable, but to look like you all belong in the same picture, without all looking the same.


The majority of pieces for these photos are from Old Navy. I love going to a store like Old Navy to shop for co-ordinating pieces. It makes it really easy because oftentimes one store will carry the same colours for the most part in each department, and you can shop for the entire family all in one stop. It’s also great option to find budget-friendly pieces for everyone, while being able to cash in on an easy shopping experience all in the same store.

FLAT LAY 1.jpg

My Outfit Details

Sueded-Knit Moto Jacket

Double Layer V-Neck Camisole

The Dream Jean Super High-Waisted Jegging

Emely Grey Women’s Ankle Boots {The exact ankle boots I’m wearing are from past years but here’s a link to a super cute similar pair!}

Personalized necklaces from Lise’s Pieces Jewelry - The Aura Disc Necklace & Luna Disc Necklace (her website is currently offline because she’s an independent business who has been completely overwhelmed with orders - which is amazing! - but her shop is temporarily closed as she catches up. Follow Lise’s Pieces Jewelry on Instagram for more info on when her shop will re-open!)

FLAT LAY 2.jpg

Kevin’s Outfit Details

Slim-Fit Built-In Flex Everyday Oxford Shirt

Slim-Fit Poplin Shirt {This grey button up is from years past but here’s a similar style linked!}

AE Ne(x)t Level Relaxed Straight Jean

Nerves Modern Comfort Shoes