So this is another new thing I wanted to introduce to the blog - since this is a place where I wanted to be able to connect and inspire, I want to be able to let you in on what’s going on in my life, what’s going on with the kids etc - just like girlfriends chatting over coffee! So every now and then, I want to write up a short (??? ya right!) little life chat - maybe you’ll read something you can relate to or maybe you’re going through the same thing! Whatever it may be, I want to be able to always stay connected to you all! So here goes…

To be completely honest I’m still recovering from what has now turned into a two-day hangover. Seriously, this mama can’t toss ‘em back like I used to LOL! The hardest thing about it though is that I’ve been trying these back couple months to get back on the weight loss train. It’s been a struggle. Seriously, why does weight loss have to be so fucking hard!? I’ve done it successfully before a couple times and it doesn’t get any easier. There are no shortcuts. I posted not long ago about “Day 1” (you can read it here) and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a battle ever since. I’ve struggled to balance it with a busy home/work life, lots on the go socially (both of which I’m very thankful for), and of course- stress. But today is Monday and Monday is always a “get my shit together” day, which includes starting fresh and trying over again for a good week. I’ll probably give an update at some point on (hopefully) progress - but I’m not quite ready to yet!

Just yesterday I (finally!!) started reading “Girl, Wash Your Face” from Rachel Hollis - it’s been sitting on my nightstand and at long long last I finally cracked it open. Well, a couple interrupted hours later and I’m six chapters in! A friend of mine started reading it and texted me that almost every page she read she said “omg, this is for LINDS!” so I couldn’t put it off any longer and had to get reading. At this point in my life, I feel like it’s everything I need to be reading right now. It’s positive and encouraging and calls you out when you need to be called out on behaviour that’s potentially destructive to your happiness. I’m definitely enjoying it and look forward to getting and reading the next one!! We’re also making our way through all of the Netflix recommendations I got recently- currently on season 2 of Schitt’s Creek and David is my favvvvv!! Haha!

On the kid front, there’s always lots going on! Jase is seriously ALL about his Daddy right now- and how could he not be? Yesterday Kev and a friend of ours took Jase and his son out for burgers, Monster Jam and a little arcade action after. Needless to say, Jase had a BLAST and it’s been all things monster trucks all day today. Plus, he has a wicked awesome job- we’re farmers and there’s always loads to do and see that keep the kids MORE than occupied, and he’s ALWAYS up for a couple hours with his dad! I get my cuddle fix at night though- once he gets tired, it’s all about mama. Bree is as busy as ever. You know how they always say that if you had a good and easy first child, your second one would give you the reality check you had coming? Yeah, it’s going something like that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s such a sweetie and she makes us smile everyday. I love her so much it’s PAINFUL. But holy smokes, she’s a handful. Jase was an easy going baby and was pretty good about entertaining himself around the house so I could get stuff done, and wasn’t too fussy. Bree on the other hand wants my attention A LOT and gets into everything. She’s also got one heck of a sassy attitude, so I’m trying my hardest to stay on top of that even this early. Maybe once it comes to going to high school (yikes!!) or dating (even more yikes!!!!) I'll thank God for her strong will. But I could use a little less of it in the checkout line!! Anyway, she definitely keeps us on our toes and I come to the end of many many days ready for a drink LOL. But they’re healthy and happy and I’m very grateful for that. Plus, now that she's running around she can keep up to Jase better and they’re (sloooowly) starting to be able to occupy each other… at least for a small amount of time!!

I think our night of pumpkin carving is happening tonight and then I’m not going to lie, once Halloween is over I’m going to be thinking about Christmas. It’s hard not to when it’s such a busy time of year and gearing up for it seems like a full-time job in itself sometimes! The Christmas party info is rolling in, the stores have already had Christmas in them for a couple weeks now and sure as shit I just saw the year’s very first holiday commercial on TV (seriously I love Christmas but I swear it gets earlier every year!!!). But every year I also get more and more excited because the kids start to understand a little more and we’re really getting into the prime time years of Santa excitement! So there’s lots to look forward to.

My window for typing this is pretty much over because I currently just had a half-licked sucker stuck onto my pants (no joke…. whyyyyyy), the other is fighting a nap and lunch dishes are waiting so… we’ll catch up again soon!