Happy Thursday friends! Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to recover after a Thanksgiving weekend spent with undone pants (just me?… okay), I’m definitely thinking about how staying on on track again. I get A LOT of questions asking about what I all eat in a day when I’m trying to lose weight. Breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, dinner ideas… I try and post things on Instagram but I decided to give you a general idea of exactly what a typical day looks like for me in terms of nutrition when I’m losing weight. If you’re new here, I’ve been on a pretty crazy on and off weight loss journey for the last few years- you can read more about it here!

I recently started up again after an entire (GLORIOUS) summer of nothing but eating and drinking LOL. Worth it. Except my waist line paid for it and now I’m back on the weight loss wagon (before pics here!). My weight loss diet revolves around lean meats, lots of water, tons of fruits and vegetables, and one cheat day a week. I never limit myself in fruits/vegetables. Those are zero points, in my mind. I cut out junk food (except on the cheat day - I eat whateverrrrr I want), and try to limit condiments/sauces - things like butter, mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce - things like that. Timeline-wise, I ALWAYS eat breakfast even if I don’t feel like it. I never eat dinner after 6pm if I can help it, and if I snack at night (which I try not to), I attempt to pick things that are “zero points” - cucumbers, watermelon - foods that aren’t going to cost me for eating later on.

I’m going to try and give a few examples for each meal so that you get a good idea of what a typical day looks like for me! Remember, this is far from perfect nutrition. I know it could always be better. I probably still eat things I shouldn’t… but I f***ing HATE kale, sorry not sorry. This works for me. So hopefully it can inspire you, or give you some new ideas to build off of!


I usually like to start my day off with fruit. I’m a MAJOR carb lover, but I often find myself having carbs at other meals, so my best days are usually when I start it off with something that “doesn’t count” (in my eyes when i’m losing weight, fruit and veggies are freebies!)

Strawberries, a dollop of vanilla yogurt, some granola & chia seeds

Protein Shake (check out this one and this one! They’re my favourites!)

Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter


I swear I eat 14 snacks a day LOL. In between meals, sometimes I feel like I’m constantly snacking- because I do not do well feeling hungry. My snacks are always small though. Here are some of my go-to snacks that I always have on hand!


Carrots/cucumbers/celery & dip

Crispy minis/rice cakes

Special K cracker chips

Skinny Pop popcorn

Any fruit - banana, strawberries, grapes, apples, watermelon, etc


This is usually where I try to have my carbs or starchy stuff for the day so that I feel like I have time to burn it off throughout the day - whether it be a whole wheat English muffin, whole wheat tortilla, quinoa, etc.

Salad - anything goes! Always romaine lettuce as a base, then whatever vegetables are in the fridge, sometimes add a bit of cheese, and whatever protein is in the fridge! LOVE a good taco salad - romaine, veggies, seasoned chicken or extra lean ground beef, bit of cheese & greek yogurt/taco seasoning as dressing!

Scrambled eggs (or an omelette) & whole wheat English muffin

Chicken w/ quinoa/cucumber/tomato/red onion & tzaziki

Wrap & side of veggies- fajita, tuna, chicken salad, etc!

Leftovers from a healthy supper the night before!


We love stirfrys, soups and classic meat/potato/vegetable meals - the options here are endless!

Any lean meat (usually chicken or a lean steak) with vegetables - I change up the vegetables all the time. I always make potatoes for the kids/hubby but usually just stick to the meat & veggies

So many different soups - love this recipe for healthy & hearty chicken noodle soup!)

Teriyaki Steak Stirfry - can also use chicken!

Any healthy variations of tacos/nachos - substitute chicken instead of beef, peppers instead of chips, etc!

Bruschetta chicken, roasted potatoes (very little, or substitute with quinoa) & broccoli

One Pan Mexican Chicken & Rice Stirfry (this recipe from Pinterest is amazing!)

If all else fails, I throw together a salad with tons of veggies & a protein of some sort (while I watch everyone eat lasagna and curse)

It’s pretty basic guys! Not fancy, not super over-the-top complicated. I have been LOVING the Skinnytaste cookbooks (and Instagram account) for inspiration and easy, healthy recipes thanks to a recommendation from a friend. Inspiration can come from tons of places- and don’t be afraid to make it your own in order to fit your tastes and lifestyle!