Graphic by: Haley Thuss

Graphic by: Haley Thuss


1. SAXX Vibe Men’s Boxer Brief

I don’t know anything about what makes boxers or briefs more comfortable than others but apparently according to my brothers, friends and husband these are “life changing” why not change your man’s life this Christmas?? LOL

2. Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Yeti has taken off this year, quickly becoming the most popular way to keep your drinks hot (ahem, or cold…. there’s usually something alcoholic in mine!). So whether it’s a whiskey he’s trying to keep on ice or a coffee he’s trying to keep hot, the Yeti tumbler will do it all.

3. Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Toolbox

At the top of every single one of my husband’s wish lists (okay, maybe not EVERY single one LOL) is something Milwaukee. They’re the best according to him. This year he’s asked for this rolling toolbox as part of the PACKOUT system. There are toolboxes and organizers that are all part of this system, and can click on top of this toolbox to make tool storage easy, organized and mobile. All he had to say was “it keeps it organized” and I was on board.

4. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Sunnies are a classic gift that really never gets old. We all know what can happen to sunglasses, especially when you’re livin’ that dad life - they get lost, scratched, sat on, pulled apart, sink to the bottom of lakes (wait, what?), lenses shatter, the list goes on and on. Oakley is an awesome brand because they carry tons of sporty and casual styles that will be sure to suit your guy!

5. Roots Salt and Pepper Original Sweatpants

You can never underestimate the power of giving the gift of comfort. For those Friday nights in on the couch or lazy Sunday mornings, you can’t beat Roots sweatpants. The ultimate in comfort and style!

6. Toronto Maple Leafs Ball Cap

If the men in your life are anything like mine, they’re in a ball cap AT ALL TIMES. Kev LIVES in a ballcap- that’s why almost every picture you’ll see of him (with the exception of maybe our wedding photos), he’ll be wearing one- I never make him take it off because it’s literally a part of who he is! And I mean, if it’s a Leafs ball cap… even better right?? LOL

7. AirPods

These are an awesome gift for anyone, especially for that techy guy in your life! These are super convenient and easy to use.. These would also be awesome if your guy likes to workout - no more annoying cords hanging down or getting in the way!

8. What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

Seriously, this game is AWESOME. We love a good games night with friends, and when we played this game with friends, it was absolutely hilarious. So funny - we had tons of laughs!

9. Jack Black Conditioning Beard Lube

Kev doesn’t have a full on beard but I know guys that do are very proud and fond of them. If this sounds like your guy, give him the gift of being able to keep that beard healthy! Just like any other hair, it’s important to take care of and keep conditioned - plus, doesn’t “beard lube” just SOUND like something a guy would like??? LOL

10. Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Gym Bag

Last but not least, the gym bag! An obvious and practical gift for the guy that likes to hit the gym- but of course, there are so many other uses- carry his skates, clothes, and anything else your guy needs to have with him on the daily!