Happy TUESDAY friends! It’s (very) early in the morning, my household is still asleep, it’s lightly snowing outside and I’m coming to you live from under a blanket whilst I desperately attempt to not wake this quiet house with all of my coughing and sniffling - ‘tis the season!

Today I want to share with you how I decorated my fireplace for Christmas. My living space includes a focal point fireplace that makes things ALL kinds of cozy, especially leading up to Christmas because it becomes a really fun area to decorate! It’s a large stone fireplace that includes a wrap around mantle, offering tons of space to add some festive touches! (It has also been graced with childproofing - brown foam guards all the way around the hearth to protect little noggins! Not the prettiest but hey.. there have been no fireplace injuries to date, knock on wood, so pretty or not they’re staying!)


Okay, so let’s break this all down. I’ll start with the statement piece, which is obviously our amazing Farm Fresh Christmas Trees sign! I normally have a very large clock that hangs over the mantle, but I absolutely love this piece and thought it looked really nice as a statement piece on the mantle so I switched it up. This beautiful (and high quality!) sign is from Spring Meadow Co. and I am obsessed! One detail I particularly loved and didn’t even realize until I got it was that the letters and trees on the sign are actually all raised, which was a really nice touch. It’s sturdy and I love the modern farmhouse feel.


Next, I have all of these mini Christmas trees scattered throughout to create my own little Christmas tree mantle forest LOL. I absolutely love these, but if you want to get the same look, you’re going to have to be prepared for a little DIY!

These mini trees are actually an old cut up Christmas tree from quite a while ago! Many of them are either drilled/glued into a little piece of wood or if that didn’t work out so well, wrapped in a little burlap sac at the bottom.

I especially loved putting these up because they were SO fitting with the Christmas trees sign!


I love incorporating the season’s classics, so I of course had to add some birch logs! These are real birch logs from a tree that unfortunately fell at a family cottage during a storm - but you are also able to purchase birch logs as a set (like these!). Tall birch logs are also readily available this time of year to put into outdoor planters (I found some at Walmart for $5) and you can always just cut them into smaller pieces.


The white cable knit and fur stockings were a recent addition this year to co-ordinate with the white and silver decorations on our new tree, and they are from Canadian Tire. I love how cute and cozy these are! The snowflake/reindeer stocking hooks they’re hanging on were purchased a few years ago from Homesense.


The wicker lanterns were purchased from a small local business quite awhile ago, and the candle holders are also no longer available - but I love these or these as an alternative!


Last but not least, I just added small wire lights! You can see the small cord in the daytime pictures - and look at how beautiful they look at night! I LOVE the addition of these - much more convenient than what I had before! In previous years, I just used a strand of indoor lights from Canadian Tire - but they were big, bulky and the cord was difficult to hide when you had to plug them in. I love these wire lights as a great option instead because they’re more convenient to work with, battery operated (so no cords hanging down to outlets) and the bendy wire is easy to style amidst your decor! These are the ones I have, but I was also told they can be purchased at Costco, Homesense/Winners/Marshalls, and even the dollar store if you get lucky!


I also have a little corner beside the fireplace as well that normally we have a homemade growth chart hanging, but I wanted to add a bit more to the fireplace area so I temporarily replaced it with a different sign and decorated the corner to look like this! I LOVE this little set up!

I am obsessed with these LED birch trees. They came in a box of two from Canadian Tire and are currently on sale for HALF PRICE! They can also be used outdoors but honestly I love them inside! They filled this corner really nicely. I had the old crate underneath sitting downstairs so I used it to create a different level for some added interest to the display.


The snowshoes were actually something that came out of my childhood home when my parents moved. They are real snowshoes that hung on a stone fireplace we had in our basement, and were used once upon a time - but I absolutely love the look of them on display!! So unfortunately I can’t link them for you. The plaid pillow & green mini trees are both from Homesense, and the little Country Christmas sign was purchased at a local flower shop. I apologize for not being able to link more of it for you - but hopefully it can create a little bit of inspiration!

As you can see I’m a bit of a Christmas fanatic! It’s absolutely the best time of year and I definitely don’t shy away from the cozy factor!