Hello friends and welcome to the next Local Vendor Feature! I am particularly excited about this one, because I have the pleasure of featuring a very close friend of mine who is absolutely the BEST at what she does. I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Brittany. She and I have been friends all of our lives, and she is one of the most genuine, happy and supportive people I’ve ever known. She is one busy woman and has worked hard to make a name for herself as a very sought-after floral designer in our area! I’m really looking forward to seeing where her career takes her, because no matter what it is, it’ll be BIG!

So without further ado, please read on to learn more about Brittany’s career journey so far!

Get to Know Brittany Thuss - Floral Designer at Sydenham Ridge Estates

Hey there! I’m Brittany. I’m 28 years old. I’m the middle child of 3. You might recognize my last name from my younger sister and bff, Haley Thuss. I’ve been dating my boyfriend Jordan for just over 2 years, we have the perfect mixture of differences and similarities. I live in rural Southwestern Ontario. My commute to work is down literally a few minutes down a gravel road. When I’m not in the flower shop, I’m definitely with my friends or I’m likely playing a sport that ends with a beer, playing lawn games, or shopping for throw pillows and/or Tupperware that I definitely don’t need (I know, super cool). I live for the sunshine, summertime and being outdoors!


How and when did you first become interested in floral design?

This is definitely not where I originally thought I would be career wise, but I am so happy with where I have ended up. Like many others, I was never really sure what I wanted to do as a career. I first got a job in a flower shop after I dropped out of college (lol, good times). I kept the job part-time when I went back to school and got my diploma in Horticulture. After I graduated, I pursued a job in my field and worked in landscaping for 7 years. I kept up with doing flowers for my close friends and family members as they got married. After getting more and more interest in what I was doing from other people and a job offer from Sydenham Ridge, I ended up here!

I’ve never had any formal training in floral design, I never went to school for it, but I have had lots of practice and experience. I’m always staying on top of what is new and trending. I love a challenge and trying new things that I haven’t done before. I mostly specialize in bridal work and wedding florals. On top of that I also create arrangements for many other events and do some seasonal decorating around Christmas! I am so passionate about what I do everyday!


What does your job look like on a daily basis?  

As I said, I specialize in bridal work. I work at a wedding venue, so 90% of my clients are brides! On top of playing with flowers, which I get to do for a better part of the week, there is a lot of back end things I do as well. Everyday is a little different. Typically Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays are spent in front of the computer, making orders, making quotes, corresponding with clients and other people/venues within the industry, and getting organized for the week ahead. We do floral work for the weddings at our venue, as well as weddings off-site so organization is everything to me! My flowers for each weekend come in on Tuesday or Wednesday and I dive right in. I spend at least a day (sometimes it’s 8 hours, sometimes it’s 12) prepping flowers, cleaning them, and sorting them. After that, the fun part begins and I get to create bouquets, ceremony arrangements, garlands, corsages -you name it- for the rest of the week. Saturdays (or whichever day the wedding falls on) are spent delivering bouquets, arrangements or building arrangements on-site! I work basically every weekend from May-November. During the winter is when I try to do most of my consultations with brides to plan for their big day! There is a ton of planning and preparing that goes on before I actually get to physically start working with the flowers. It’s busy, and the days are long but it’s also so rewarding.


During different seasons, I also host floral and planter workshops - for example, right now I just finished hosting three workshops where I demonstrated how to make a Christmas planter!


How do you balance work and personal life, especially during wedding season?

It’s definitely not easy, that’s for sure. I try to keep a balance because I feel like having time away from work is so important. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it definitely doesn’t lol. I have family, my boyfriend and friends that I love spending time with. I depend on extracurricular activities a lot, like baseball and ball hockey, to see my friends and be social during the week since work does take up a lot of weekends during the wedding season. As with anything else too, I feel like time management is so important to maintain any type of balance.


How do you think social media has helped get the word out about your work? 

HUGE. Social media plays a huge role in what I do because that’s where my demographic is. You could say that in general, most people getting married are somewhere between 20-30 and that’s exactly who is scrolling through Instagram and Facebook daily. It’s also great for new potential clients to find me from further away that otherwise might not have! I also love social media because it allows me to connect with other people in the industry. Weddings involve so many different kinds of people and I love that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with so many awesome vendors!


What do you love the most about your job?  

I love that I have the ability to be creative on a daily basis. I feel really fortunate that I’m able to go to a job everyday that doesn’t always feel like “work”. I work alongside some other amazing women, so I love that I’m always in good company. My boss, Marge, is so amazing. She will do anything for anyone, and she is so inpiring. I also love that I get to be apart of one of the most important days of people’s lives. There is nothing more satisfying to me then delivering flowers, building arrangements and seeing the brides’ reactions. I love that I get to listen to someone’s vision for their day and make it into a reality. I’m definitely a people person, so I love meeting all kinds of people and building relationships with them!

What valuable lessons have you learned?

Believing in yourself goes a long way! There are so many good days in what I do, but the bad days come right along with them. I think learning organization and time management skills are so crucial for success. Never stop learning! Always face challenges with a positive attitude. Be able to take criticism, and try to not let it effect you negatively, use it to better yourself! Love what you do and be passionate! 

Thank you so much to Brittany Thuss for her time and honest answers in this vendor feature! If you would like to contact Brittany for any of your floral design needs, she can be reached via email - flowers@sydenhamridgeestate.com

You can also check out the Sydenham Ridge Estates website for more details! See below for more of Brittany’s beautiful work!!