Hey ya’ll! Thought I’d hop on here and catch you up on what’s going on in the Boere household nowadays.

I just walked in the door from taking my turn cleaning our local preschool - it’s a cooperative so the parents are super involved! The kiddies have been practicing all of their songs for the school’s Christmas concert coming up in a couple of weeks (I LIVVVVEEE for all that cuteness) so we’re looking forward to that. Now I’m on the couch, in front of the Christmas tree, sitting in complete silence with a caesar in my hand and it is GLORIOUS.

Speaking of Christmas, I am SO. DAMN. CLOSE to being done Christmas shopping. Got a lot of it done on Black Friday and scored some sweet deals. I feel like I’m always getting those little last minute things almost right up until the big day but for the most part, I’m steady checkin’ names off the list and man does it feel good. I tried really hard this year to stay on top of shit because it was a really bizarre fall (really didn’t even feel like we had a fall, just went right to winter!) but I knew in October already that field work was going to start running into December. Sooo I wanted to stay ahead of the game so maybe it wouldn’t feel overwhelming among all of the Christmas parties and get togethers, and fall work. We still have corn in the field and we don’t seem to be catching any breaks with the weather but ya know- when you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature you gotta roll with the punches… and sometimes she can be a real bitch.

The main concern at this point (besides field work) is the ridiculous cold that in this house that’s slowly plucking us off one by one. Seriously, it’s a bad one. I’ve had it for over 2 weeks now and every morning I wake up feels like the first morning I felt it coming on. The worst part is definitely the coughing- headaches from sore, dry coughing all day and getting into full blown fits at night. Seriously, fuck offfff already. There have been no signs of improvement so it has really started to take a toll on my energy levels (which are currently sitting at a negative) and the poor kids also had/have it so they’re cranky AF… which in turn makes me cranky AF. ERRYBODY CRANKY AF.

I can definitely feel it creeping into other aspects too - for example, lately I’ve been listening back on my Instagram stories after I make them and I’m starting to feel like a reallllll negative Nelly (don’t mean to be) I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Ya feel? It’s the most wonderful time of the year … except for parents with colds and flus ripping through their houses. Hopefully it starts to turn around for us soon, we have our first family Christmas party this weekend to kick off the beginning of a month full of Christmas parties - so I’d say it’s about time for this cough to hit the road.

Let’s end on a positive note though. We recently scored a major parenting win. Backstory- my son Jase is 3 and still used a soother, only at night when he went to sleep. Kev and I both felt like we let it go on a little too long but with all the craziness around here, we couldn’t commit to sacrificing sleep yet if things went south when we took it away. Anyway, we originally planned to have him leave his soothers out for Santa and wake up the next morning to an extra toy under the tree in exchange for the soothers (thanks to a great idea from a friend of ours!). But Kev pointed out just how busy it is on Christmas Eve here, and thought maybe it wasn’t the best time to pick in case it didn’t go well. So about a week ago, we gave him a pair of scissors (parents of the year!) and helped him cut up his soothers and throw them in the garbage (and of course made a big HUGE deal out of it), in exchange for a Gravedigger monster truck (kid is obsesssssed with monster trucks right now). He went to sleep fine, and has been fine since. AMAZING! Major win. I wasn’t expecting it to go that well because he was pretty attached to it - but here we are, a week later and no mention of it! It never ceases to amaze me just how many phases, stages, and hurdles you have to get through as a parent. If you think you’re in the clear, stock up on whiskey and look out… cause somethin’ is probably about to go down! LOL!

Think that’s all I got for now - plus hubbs is settling in now and I think it’s Brooklyn 99 time! (Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta in this show and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in the Office are my TV crushes!!!) Stay tuned for lots of great content coming in December! Talk again soon loves!