Finding stylish and affordable wide-calf boots can be really difficult. I think I speak for many women when I say that the options are seriously limited. Sometimes I try on boots and think to myself - holy smokes, who’s calves are these small!? This isn’t even just a problem for my fellow curvy girls - I know tons of women who are athletic that struggle with this, and even women who are beautiful and thin and just have larger calves! Luckily, retailers are finally starting to offer more inclusive pieces and sizes, as well as introduce some more forgiving material so that knee-high and over-the-knee boots will be able to comfortably fit a lot more women. The hunt for a great pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots for me personally has been a rollercoaster too! I’m kind of “in-between-y”.. I find that wide calf boots at plus size stores are too wide for me, but pairs at regular shoe stores can be too narrow - so finding the perfect pair can be frustrating (and is undoubtedly the reason why I love my ankle boots!).

That led me here. Knee-high and over-the-knee boots are styles that have been around for awhile and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon- and I want you to be able to enjoy the trend and feel confident! So I wanted to try and do some of the hunting for you. Sometimes, you just need to get lucky with that ONE perfect pair! Below are some really great options of boots that are both advertised as wide-calf and not, that will hopefully lead you to that perfect pair!


Stretch Knee-High Boots

Le Chateau

These are an amazing pair of boots for any outfit you need to dress up! These are not advertised as being wide calf, but they are a boot with a stretchy calf which will give you a generous amount of room. Plus, a 3 1/2” heel will give you that dressy feel without being overly hard to walk in!


Mihaela Medium Brown Women’s Knee-High Boots

Aldo Shoes

Look at these amazing boots!!! ALL the heart eyes. I LOVE the cognac brown accented with the gold zipper! These would be super versatile and great for both fall and winter. These are advertised as a wide-calf boot at Aldo and they are seriously gorgeous!


Wide Calf Faux-Suede Tall Boots with Shirring

Addition Elle

This is a really popular style of boot this year, so I was really happy to see it come in a wide calf option! I love the slouchy style of these - they’d look super cute with jeans or even with a cute dress!


Slouchy High Heel Boot with Western Buckle

Addition Elle

Loving the western vibe of these boots! Plus, the block heel is a great height and would be comfortable to wear all day (or night!) long.


Wide Calf Faux-Suede Winter Boot

Addition Elle

Hey Canadian girls.. I’m looking at you. These would be the ULTIMATE winter boot for when it gets cold (and of course, when the snow starts dumping on us!). Love the neutral colours too!


Araecia Midnight Black Women’s Over-the-knee Boots

Aldo Shoes

Last but not least, these boots are AWESOME. I own these myself (see below!) and I REALLY like them! These are NOT advertised as wide calf boots, but I found them to be fairly generous for not being specifically wide calf. They are over-the-knee that hit an inch or two above my knees and I absolutely LOVE how they look with a cute sweater dress!


Stretch Knee-High Boots

Le Chateau

Oh my lawwwwwd look at this COLOUR. YAAAAAS. Just like the stretch boots mentioned above from Le Chateau, these are going to give the ability to fit several calf sizes because they will stretch to fit comfortably and snug to your calf. Plus, this colour and block heel are giving me LIFE. These will pack a punch if you’re looking for an amazing statement pair - and the best news yet? They’re on sale!

Unisa Trinee Wide Calf Riding Boot


How gorgeous are these?! Love this style of riding boot, especially the buckle detail! These brown ones are fully stocked in sizes; they also come in solid black and a beautiful brown/black colourblock style, but those sizes are limited (if you have small feet, you might be in luck!)