So you’ve made your way through that seemingly never-ending Christmas list, and you (because you are the ULTIMATE gift giver) are proud of your choices and excited to see your friends and family open your gifts. The last piece of the puzzle? The stockings that are hung by the chimney with care! The cherry on top of what’s already a pretty sweet Christmas sundae. This is your opportunity to sugar some extra fun and yummy treats for your kids or spouse to enjoy!

This is also your chance to create some new traditions. For example, every year, everyone in our family get a chocolate letter in their stockings, always the first letter of their name. We always got these as kids (Kev and I both have Dutch heritages and this is a common Dutch tradition!). They sell them at a local Dutch store, and I have come to really enjoy going there to pick out each letter.

Stockings are a great way to include little toys or colouring books for the kids, or smaller products and treats that aren’t going under the tree! If you’re still stuck looking for ideas on YOUR perfect stocking stuffers, look no further!


Here are the 5 most important categories to cover in order to create that perfect stocking!


The holidays are all about indulging in some goodies, so add some chocolate (Lindors, Toblerones, Ferrero Rochers -and who could forget TURTLES) are all popular festive treats, or add some candy bags for that sweet tooth in your life! Don’t be afraid to get creative here - if chocolate isn’t their thing, throw a little bottle of Baileys in there for their morning coffee!


Cozy and Snuggly!

Maybe a cozy pair or socks, cute mittens, or a toque to keep your head warm. This is a great chance to add something snuggly to make your loved one feel warm, cozy and stylish! A pompom beanie is a super cute idea. Also, every year, Hudson’s Bay releases a new style of mittens from the Canadian Olympic Team Collection- they’re super cute, come in sizes for the whole family, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer!



Here’s your chance to add something fun! This is where I like to add a new game or deck of cards, a book, a new tumbler (Yeti, anyone?), a new movie, gift cards, etc. For the kids, I usually stick to smaller items like stickers, colouring books & crayons, smaller toys, a stuffed animal, new bedtime stories, or Playdough. For older kids- maybe some lip balms/nailpolish, a video game, a Popsocket for their phone (if they’re old enough to have one!), new earbuds, etc!


Smart and Practical

As boring as it may seem, a stocking is a perfect opportunity to add something “needed” as opposed to “wanted” - especially if your hubby is like mine, for example, and appreciates practicality! Every single year, I put black work socks in Kev’s stocking. Seriously, soooo boring. But he always needs them! By the time Christmas rolls around, he’s got holes in some, lost others, and it’s one of those things that you never feel like buying otherwise. It’s an easy staple to add and he appreciates knowing he’s going to get fresh socks every Christmas. This is also where you could add a tie, or some new hair products, face wipes or masks, or a phone case!



Finally, something special or meaningful. Kev - don’t hate me for telling this story! On our first Christmas together, I wanted it to be as perfect as could be (I LOOOOVE Christmas and was so excited to share it with him!). I really, reallllly wanted it to snow to make it perfect and cozy, and it just wasn’t going to happen that year. So Kev gifted me a little snow globe to shake, to ensure that no matter what, it would snow on our first Christmas (seriously, AWWWWW). It was a small gift that was so incredibly meaningful, and I’ve kept it ever since. If you’re struggling, perhaps pick something luxe or soothing- like luxurious bath bombs, for example, to just let them know you’re thinking of them, care for them and want them to feel relaxed. Better yet, anything shiny will do!! LOL! And if all else fails, the absolute easiest way to gift something meaningful is to personalize it! An engraved watch or necklace, charm bracelet with children’s initials or birth stones - anything with that special touch that says you put thought into it!