Who’s ready for a cocktail!? One week left until the big day!!! There is truly nothing more enjoyable than spending time with friends and family over good food and drinks! Get into the holiday spirit with this fresh, delicious Christmas punch that’s quick, easy and sure to be a hit! This is definitely my new go-to cocktail for the holidays.


I love how absolutely effortless this Christmas punch is. Most importantly, you can make it ahead of time, put it in a big punch bowl or beverage dispenser with fresh fruit and you won’t be stuck mixing drinks all night. You will actually be able to enjoy your holiday get-together along with your guests because the drinks are covered! You can also easily alter this recipe to exclude alcohol for guests that aren’t drinking, and it will still taste delicious!

I only made a small batch, but of course you can duplicate the recipe for as much punch as you want or need. I love how festive it is with the cranberries and lime (red and green!) and the classic cranberry flavour mixed with the citrus from lime and pineapple juice is an amazingly sweet treat!

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 cups cranberry juice

4 cups pineapple juice

1 cup rum

1 cup coconut rum

2 L gingerale

juice of 1-2 limes

sugar for optional rimmer

Lime slices & frozen cranberries to garnish



  1. Combine cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, rum, and coconut rum in a pitcher, punch bowl or beverage dispenser

  2. Add frozen cranberries & lime slices to garnish

  3. If you’re only serving a few people, you may choose to add a sugar rimmer to the cup to add a little extra aesthetic interest and sweetness (plus, it kind of looks like snow! perfect for the holidays!) - but this step is totally optional!

  4. You can either add gingerale right to the punch bowl/pitcher, or add to each drink for desired zest

  5. Enjoy!

    I could not get enough of this punch!!! So good, so festive and so fresh! Plus, with a 5 minute prep time, you really can’t go wrong for your next holiday get-together!


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