So I was in town this morning and ran into a family friend, and our conversation inspired this post - it was sort of on a whim, which seems fitting because I feel like we’re all sort of flying by the seat of our pants this time of year LOL. In that moment, we were two (probably tired) discussing the craziness of this time of year - it’s wonderful, but also just so. damn. busy. But there has sort of been this movement sweeping people lately; this idea of minimalism and simplifying. People are moving more towards wanting to slow down, enjoy, savour, and appreciate. It’s this idea of moving away from the shitshow prior to hosting Christmas dinner; you know, the one that features 8 hours of cooking, prepping, cleaning, stressing out, eventually crying into the turkey, and re-getting your shit together only to run around doing everything while your guests are there and then spend additional time on the massive cleanup.

Instead, this year I’ve seen a gradual shift even within my own family. Some of us are bringing dishes that can be easily thrown back into your car to wash later. Some of us are doing finger foods instead of the massive Christmas dinner. I can really appreciate, especially as a busy mom, the desire to want to slow down, take time and relax more.

Anyway, as the conversation continued, and she said to me, “Can we just forget the dishes and the stress for once and find simple ways to relax more?”. So I thought, yeah! I could do that. I stopped in at our local dollar store and got almost EVERYTHING there that I needed to complete these table settings. So as an added bonus, this is all super cost effective, coming in under $50!


Sometimes, it’s just about having to get a little creative! Everything you see was picked up at the dollar store, combined with a few things I had sitting around the house already (for example, the white Christmas tree decor in the middle is a few years old from Canadian Tire, and there are also a few ornaments scattered from my tree!). I love this because I feel like besides the obvious plates/cutlery, everything can be saved and brought out again year after year.


This leads me to a more serious and important side note. It was brought to my attention after a sneak peek on Instagram by someone important to me that going this route also has a lot of environmental implications. Of course, we both knew it was never my intention to promote something that would be purposely detrimental to the environment. To be completely honest, it never even occurred to me (which perhaps is part of the problem). As a household, we recycle a lot and try to reuse and cut down on waste where and when we can- but we are absolutely the farthest thing from being environmental role models.

I felt really torn in that moment because I want all of my readers, friends and family to feel like what they believe and feel passionate about is important to me. Earlier I had received a message from someone thanking me for this post because she was hosting Christmas dinner for the first time after losing a close loved one and the details of it all were really stressing her out. It’s important to me to want to help and inspire, especially in a situation like that. But respecting someone who is passionate about the footprint we leave behind is also important to me!

So I’m going to stick to what I truly believe- and that is that balance is key. Perhaps this won’t be a yearly tradition, but something you can do if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed or out of time. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a cost-effective and quick way to impress your guests with festivity, but maybe it won’t be something you do every single year. Or maybe you’ll research other ways to cut down on some other waste in order to not feel so guilty or make such an impact when you want to take a route like this. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and other times, you might find that the mighty cleanup is all part of the experience and be okay with it - the decision is yours!

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