Professional Photos by Haley Thuss

New Year’s Eve is such an exciting night! Mind you, NYE has drastically changed since having my kiddies- it used to involve throwing on something glittery, shimmery or sequiny (putting that English major to really good use here) and getting intoxicated AF at a bar or club where everything is overpriced and overcrowded. It has since mellowed out (thank God?!?!) - although this mama still knows how to toss ‘em back after the babies go to bed LOL.

Most of all, I just love the promise it brings. You have the chance to look back - to celebrate the opportunities and blessings you were given, honour the new friendships or relationships you experienced, cherish the new life you welcomed, mourn the losses you faced, and reminisce on the challenges you overcame. Most importantly, you also get to look forward. Each year, you get a chance to do all of those things- and then get a clean slate to do it all over again. You have the chance to make new goals, reach new heights and take your life wherever you want it to. It’s full of hope and I love looking forward to what the new year will bring.

With all of that being said, it’s also the PERFECT excuse to ramp up your glam and throw on a killer dress - it’s a great opportunity to wear that glitzy little number that you maybe just wouldn’t wear to your cousin’s wedding. I absolutely love this ASOS dress. It’s velvet (which has been EVERYWHERE lately!) and is actually really warm, which is a great little bonus - especially if NYE falls smack dab in the middle of a Canadian winter!


I love the deep red colour for this time of year - I’m always so drawn to the LBD so this was a really nice change! I also loved the contrast of the deep red with the bright fuchsia clutch- it’s fun and unexpected, which is exactly what you want on NYE! What better time to mix and match, take a risk and try something new.


The bad news - this exact dress is no longer available. However, I found some similar styles that I absolutely LOVE and are the same idea - like these! (click the image for more product details or to shop!)


(( this one is really similar and fully stocked!! ))


Of course, these dresses would be beautiful for many occasions. I’m a little biased as to what is ‘creative’ fashion purely because I’m ALWAYS drawn to a black dress. Like, always LOL. Accessories are really where I like to have most of my fun. I love a glitzy pair of chandelier earrings, or mix and matching colours in your clutch and shoes to create a stand-out look - and hey, on NYE, the sparklier the better!!


Here are some gorgeous accessories to amp up your look!

So have some fun with it! Now is the time to throw on some sparkly stuff you may not normally wear! Pick something that is going to make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy - and you’ll be sure to ring in the New Year right!