Professional Photos by Haley Thuss

I’m so looking forward to New Year’s Eve this year!! We were doing a little brainstorming last month about what to do for NYE - it usually involves bringing the kids over to someone’s house, playing some games, and then being home before midnight to tuck them in and ring in the new year quietly (if we make it that long!!) LOL. The truth is, it’s not easy for parents with young kids to go all out for New Year’s anymore - kids get grumpy being up that late, it’s hard to find a babysitter, and to be honest, I kind of like having my kids with me on special nights like that anyways!

So friends of ours in recent years had brought their kids to a hotel not far away and went swimming, ordered in dinner and had a fun night “in” - but it was still “out” ya know, cause it wasn’t at home - which sounded like an awesome idea to do with friends! So a group of us booked a block of rooms at a nearby hotel and we’re all bringing the kids to swim, we’ll order in dinner, and then at night, we can tuck the kids into bed and the parents can drink and play games - and no one has to drive! It feels like the perfect plan and we’re definitely looking forward to it!

Anyway, enough of my rambling about plans. So obviously I’m not speaking from current experience because I work at home, and as I just said, our NYE plans involve our kids and probably playing games in stretchy clothes and getting drunk (seriously my dream come true)- but the truth is that since NYE is a Monday and also isn’t a holiday, most places are open and a lot of people are still going to be at work! And let’s be honest - sparkly skirts are more fun to look at than the yoga pants and slippers I’m planning on wearing all night, aren’t they? LOL. So here’s to hoping your workplace has a close-early policy on Monday, and if you have plans to hit the town after, I’m here to give a little inspiration on how to turn a professional (but FUN!) daytime look into a sexy nighttime look for New Year’s Eve!!!


It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I worked out of the house (although it’s coming up on four years!) and I did always like to try and stay fun and current in my workwear (except when I was pregnant - Lawddddd that was all stretchy clothes all. the. time.) and the truth is, there’s a time and a place for everything. You can absolutely have a ton of fun with your work wardrobe and maintain a professional appearance. For example, the pencil skirt! A classic workwear wardrobe staple, but this one from Eloquii is a TON of fun, especially during the holidays and on New Year’s Eve! It’s an appropriate length, and paired with this puffed sleeve turtleneck, is a beautiful combination for a fun and festive office look.


You can trade out the clutch for a tote, keep your makeup simple (you can amp up that smokey eye later!) and stick to a lower heel or flat for comfort throughout the day. Voila! A fun way to amp up your office attire.

Now comes the fun part - it’s closing time, and you’ve got plans for dinner and drinks so you need a quick way to go from day to night! Say no more. A few quick changes and you’ll be ready to hit the town.


Time to (literally) let your hair down! All I did was take out the ponytail, change the shoes and switch out the turtleneck for a v-neck bodysuit which immediately made me feel ready to party! I know that trends call for a little sequin mini skirt or dress (which are stunning and would totally work for nighttime!) but the truth is, I’m not personally comfortable in them so changing up the neckline helped make me feel sexier but still comfortable.


I loved this outfit so much. If I was still working outside of my house I would have TOTALLY rocked this on Monday. Not to worry though - I'll have no problem finding somewhere else to rock it LOL. I hope this helped to inspire you a little bit to have some fun with your wardrobe! Don’t be afraid to take a few risks and turn a few heads if it’s going to make you feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

New Year’s resolution #1 - be less apologetic for being authentic & happy. Check!