Helloooo friends!!!  Okay so we are came off of a winter this year that just WOULD NOT quit.  Seriously, didn't it feel like it took forever for warm weather to stick around?!  The result?  My skin and hair have taken both a serious hit.   I'm sure we're all in the same boat having gone the distance fighting dry and damaged hair through those winter months (seriously, Canada... we deserve the summer of all summers right now).   If you're anything like me, your hair is a very important part of what makes you feel good and confident, therefore it also becomes really important to take care of it!  I have long, thick, colour treated hair that I often style with heat, and I have also been losing a ton of hair after having Bree.... ahhh the joys.  So with all of that being said, it's really important to me to try and find great products that are going to help me keep my hair healthy.  

If you're in the market for some new products to help you out, take a look at the list below for my recommendations! I want to note that I have had personal success with these products but of course, results may vary for you!  


Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

Use this if you want your hair to feel ohhhh so soft.  It's gentle especially on colour treated hair and it smells sooo good!! 



drybar On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo

This was recommended to me because it's amazing to use for deep cleaning your scalp, especially from dry shampoo residue 


Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow Shampoo

A close friend of mine told me about this shampoo because of how amazing it is for keeping brass out of your blonde!  I'm a natural brunette but have blonde balayage and this has been AMAZING for keeping the blonde looking ashy instead of brassy! 



Revlon Uniqone Coconut Hair Treatment

This was also recommended to me by a friend of mine who is also a hairstylist, and I've been using it ever since!  I use this when my hair is damp mostly as a heat protectant but there are 10 amazing benefits listed on the bottle for your hair!  And the smell is super yummy.  (Do you sense a theme here?  Smell is clearly important to me LOL!)


Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones

I love both, it really just depends!  Moroccanoil is a better price point, but B&B is just an amazing product all around (and leaves literally no white residue on dark hair).  


Kevin Murphy doo.over Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray 

I didn't link this one because I couldn't find a good place online to purchase.  I got mine from my hairdresser, and I would recommend asking yours if he/she can find it for you or advise where you can buy it!  I love this product more as a texture spray and less as a hairspray, to give volume throughout my hair (especially when I have it curly or wavy!). 


Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil


Moroccanoil Treatment 

I couldn't pick between the two, I love them both!  I will say that the B&B really helps with shine and frizz, and is really light so your hair doesn't feel greasy or weighed down.  But again, both are great products!! 


Tres Semme Extra Hold Hairspray

This has been a staple for me for a very long time!  It's just one of those products I keep going back to.  Plus, you can't beat that price point!! 


Do you use any of these products, or have some of your own that you can't live without?  Leave a comment below and let me know!