HAPPPPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!  Raise your hand right now if you have a cupboard, drawer, closet, pantry, or whatever full of Tupperware right now!?  ME TOO.  Tupperware is a classic staple in kitchens everywhere.  Why?  Um because it's AWESOME.  It's super versatile; each piece has 1000 things you can do with it.  Plus, it stands the test of time.  The warranty on their website, for example, even states that they'll cover products that warped after September 1979, which is when they started making things dishwasher safe.  1979!!!!  I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to find out people still had Tupperware from the 1980s.  Seriously this stuff lasts FOREVER.  

Below I've listed all of my Tupperware favourites, and I've linked them to the Tupperware website so you can check them out....  BUT I normally order through a local consultant and I encourage you to do the same!  Not only are you supporting someone local but often your consultant will post flyers or awesome deals that are happening, and you can save on shipping costs because they will put in a bulk order and absorb the shipping cost!  Honestly this was a HARD list to narrow.  I could have probably put every single item on this list because they're all my favourite LOL.  But I tried to pick out my ABSOLUTE favourites for you.  So without further ado- Tupperware products I LIVEEEE for below! 


Classic Bowl Set

There is a reason why these bowls have "classic" in the name.  The. Handiest. Bowls.  All different sizes, stackable, can be used for a zillion different things. I  definitely have two, possible three sets and zero shame about it.  


Serving Centre Set 

Also a Tupperware staple.  BEST for veggies and dip.  Cut them up the day before a party, they stay fresh and ready to set out on the table.  Or keep veggies already chopped in your fridge as meal prep and store them in this!  


Counterscaping Dry Containers

THESE ARE BY FAR MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  Like I love my husband and kids, and then these are a close second LOL.  They are the absolute handiest little containers.  They stack, they look sleek, they have a little spoon that can be stored right in the lid and they're just perfect in every way.  I use mine for oats, flax seed, chia seeds, sugar/brown sugar.... the list goes on.  All the annoying things in your cupboard that are normally in a bag and spill EVERYTIME you open them. Solved. 



Modular Mates Large Spice Shaker Set

What else needs to be said?  Give me these and a label maker and my spice cupboard will bring me more happiness than what a spice cupboard should.  



Rectangular Cake Taker

I am not particularly good at baking.  THERE I SAID IT.  I enjoy it when I can find the time but I do find this super handy for making cakes and cupcakes.  Even if I don't have to take them anywhere,  if I baked a cake for one of the kids' birthdays or something, I just use this to store it until party time.  Keeps the freshness in and the tiny hands out.  


Round Container

A classic container that has 1000 different uses.  Cookies, pies (well, any baked goods really), crackers, burgers, tortillas... honestly ANYTHING can go in this.  Love!! 


Snack Stor Large Container

See above re: having 1000 different uses.  These are the BEST.  


Big Wonders Large Bowl Set

These are so awesome!  Space saving, stackable, keeps the freshness in!  These are awesome for having cut up fruit in the fridge that's easy to grab or give to the kids.  


Kitchen Tools Complete Set

THE DREAM TEAM.  It doesn't matter how many utensils I have in the drawer, I will reach for these everyyyyytime.  


Thatsa Mega Bowl

Love this bowl!! My favourite use for this one is making salads!  Especially if I'm signed up to bring a big salad to an event.  Lid stays on nice and tight, and is just so easy to mix a great big salad in because the bowl is truly its namesake and has MEGA room! 


Silicone Spatula 




Season-Serve Containers Duo

Ohhh my gosh these are awesome.  GET THESE NOW.  I use them for marinating basically anything.  They're awesome because if you're marinating something, all you do is flip the container over so that you can get a really even marinade.  The lid then acts as the container, making the marinating process zero mess.  So awesome for marinating a few steaks or your favourite veggies! 


Modular Mates Potato Smart Container

Last but certainly not least- the magic potato container.  Whenever I buy potatoes I unload them into this little gem and keep them in a dark cupboard and they last foreverrrrrr.  It doesn't look overly big and takes up no space at all but I store a 10lb bag worth of potatoes in mine!  


Got any holy grail Tupperware products? Let me know what they are, and how you use them!