My dad and I are close.  There are a lot of things I get from him- all of which I am proud of, regardless of whether they're considered to be positive characteristics or not LOL.  For example - my volume, my temper, my inappropriate sense of humour (I like to think I'm funny anyways).  Yup, that stuff has my dad written alllllll over it.  He's taught me a few more valuable things though, that I carry with me and in honour of Father's Day coming up, I want to share with you.  



1. How to be strong

Something all daughters should be learning, in my opinion.  Mine definitely will be.  Don't take shit from people who undermine you, underestimate you, condescend you, or try to take advantage of you.  Be respectful to everyone you meet- until they don't deserve it.  Then stand your damn ground.


2. How to own athleticism

I might like makeup and fashion but I was not super girly growing up.  I wore hand-me-down muscle tanks from older boy cousins (do. not. judge. me).  My dad was in the stands every chance he got at every game I ever played and took an unhealthy amount of pride in the fact that I was the one tossin' elbows under the net (see above under "don't take shit").  Sports were a huge part of my life, same as my brothers, and he never favoured the boys over me - sports were sports, athletes were athletes and he always encouraged me to own it.  


3. What happens when and if you don't take care of your stuff

My dad is NOTORIOUS for taking a situation and making it 1000x worse so that I would understand the importance of taking care of my stuff.  For example - if I didn't get my oil changed when I had to, he told me my engine would explode.  LOL... seriously.  Was it really going to?  That car was a '99 so you never know I guess - but f*** if I waited more than a few days after that oil change prompt.  It didn't matter that it wasn't a new car - it was mine and I needed to take care of it.  The moral of the story is- he has always worked hard for what he owns and believes in taking care of it, and did me the favour of passing that on to me.  


4. How a guy should treat a girl

My mom and dad's relationship is one I will work to emulate my whole life.  Seriously, my dad just has MADDDD respect for my mom (and vice versa).  They are definitely equal partners in it.  He's supportive, respectful and protective when he needs to be. 


5. How you know you've learned a lesson

My dad always told myself and my brothers that you'll know when you've really learned something in life - because it either cost a lot or it hurt like hell.  He stressed not to regret those mistakes though.  The price you paid (whether physically/mentally, or literally) is a stepping stone into becoming a better version of yourself - one that wasn't likely to make that mistake again.  


I can't tell you how much I value my relationship with my Dad.  Pops - I hope you always know how much your hard work & support are appreciated.  Love you!!!