Still have to grab some last minute gifts for those special men in your life before Father's Day?  Don't worry - I've got you covered!  Here are some great gift ideas for Dad & Hubby!  


Yeti Roadie Cooler

A classic gift for your husband or dad- the Yeti Roadie cooler! Kinda looks like a tackle box so I can see why guys are into it.  Plus, it keeps things cold and doesn't leak.  HALLELUJAH.  


SAXX Underwear

I don't really get it but apparently these underwear are a mini vacation for a guy's... ahem... jewels?  Maybe this is more of a present for your hubby instead of your dad LOL.. but they claim to be "life changing" underwear so... I guess you can gift them and let him be the judge! 



Apple AirPods

We all know that guys love their tech!  Can't go wrong with a pair of Apple AirPods.  Just make sure you check out the description and ensure they're compatible with their phone!


Roots Shaving Kit

Another staple!  Canadian company, high quality leather, handy for all of their essentials.  Win, win, win! 


Lululemon Dress Pants

From what I hear, these are absolutely the best pants ever.  They look exactly like a casual dress pant, but have the comfort and stretch that Lululemon is known for.  I've linked the classic version of the ABC pant - but keep in mind they come in several colours, styles, and also inseams (I got some for Kev and he LOVES them- and he's 6'7" so THANK YOU Lululemon for keeping the tall guys in mind)


Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Handy for bbq's, cranking some music out in the shop/garage or pumping some tunes in the home gym- a practical gift your husband or dad will love!  


Apple iPad Pro & Pencil

Like I said before - you can't go wrong with Apple tech products!  This will definitely be an investment (these are naaaat cheap) but it's always an option! 


S'well Bottle

I included this on my Mother's Day gift guide back in May and it's making another appearance, rightfully so!  Awesome for keeping all your liquids cool while your husband or dad is at work or out and about! 



A perfect gift for any guy who loves to stay stylish while spending some time outdoors! Hanging out with buddies, camping, hiking, boating, vacationing- you name it.  Oakley sunglasses are another popular option!  


Nixon Watch

Last but not least - a watch is an awesome gift idea for the men in your life!  Nixon offers tons of options, from watches that are more rugged to ones that are a little more sleek and simple.