I want to wish a VERY Happy Father's Day to all of the AMAZING dads out there today!!! 

Dads - you are the unsung heroes.  So much revolves around motherhood, especially in those younger years of your kids- but you are the rocks.  The constant support system.  No matter how long or hard your days are, you're right there swinging kids around in the air when you walk in the door.  When you're there, everyone and everything is better.  

I have been so blessed in my life to have wonderful, hardworking men around me to help shape who I am but now also to help shape who my children are and will be.  My hubby is just the best and most patient dad to Jase and Bree.  He absolutely gives his all to fatherhood.  He's excited for them, sad with them, and proud as HELL of them.  My dad is also so incredibly strong and generous.  He is a loving poppa to my kids and has treated Kev like his own (every single time he greets Kev ..."Hi son") since the day I brought him home.  I honestly can't say enough about them!

So enjoy your day today Dads.  You deserve it so so much.  Grill a steak, drink some beers, play with your kids - and above all, know how much you're loved and appreciated!!