In the early planning stages!!! 

In the early planning stages!!! 


YOU GUYS.  This is my friend Haley.  Haley is the other half of  I've known her for my whole life and I can tell you that she is THE MOST creative, genuine, no bullshit girl you will ever meet.   She is beautiful, hardworking and has been beyond generous with her time helping me get this blog up and running.  She is an extremely talented photographer (she has shot every special event for me including my engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, the list goes on - seriously my entire house is a gallery of her work).  She also shot all of the amazing photos of my family and myself that are on this blog.  


She's the brains behind setting up the website (I had NO idea how before this) and has been right there alongside me as we poured our hearts into starting this blog.  Her positive attitude helped me overcome some pretty crazy fears about starting all of this up, and this           wouldn't have been possible without her.

We are a seriously good team, business and friendship wise!


Haley - I know you'll be absolutely CRINGING at this post, but TOO BAD!!! Haha!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  We did it! It's been a pile of work and a wild ride so far.  I am forever grateful and can't wait to see where this takes us!!! 



If you want to check out her beautiful photos for yourself, or contact Haley directly, follow this link to see her own amazing website!