HEY EVERYONE!  Are you as ready as I am for summer??? Days at the beach, at the park, by the pool, sunhats, drinks, baseball, BBQs.... ahhhh. It really doesn't get any better than that, does it?  In honour of the summer months that are going to be soon upon us, I decided to show you step-by-step how I get beachy waves in my hair, and the products I use.  Super easy, super quick and the best thing I love about this hairstyle is how imperfect it can be and still look good! 

This whole process takes me maybe 15 mins.  That's about the longest I'll spend on my hair (that's why it's usually straight or in a ponytail - way faster!!) but once you get practiced at it, it goes pretty fast.  I use this curling wand that I got on Amazon- it's the NUME 32mm wand and I like it a lot.  Pictured below are also the products that I use to achieve the look.  From left to right:  Kevin Murphy doo.over Dry Powder Spray - this is really just a texturizing spray that I spray really lightly at my roots for some volume and throughout the rest of my hair to add texture.  Next is Tres Semme Extra Hold Hairspray - I lightly hairspray each layer that I curl before I run my fingers through everything just to give the curls some help staying in place.  Lastly is Hairdresser's Invisible Oil from Bumble and Bumble - I use this at the end to smooth out any frizz and flyaways.  


I basically curl my hair in 3 layers, mostly because I just have a shitload of thick hair and could never do it all in one go- some people can and I'm very envious of that.  First, I VERY quickly run a straightener just through the ends of my hair to smooth out some frizz - I don't put the ends through my curling wand anyways so they're fine to be straight.  Then, I start on my first layer of curls.  As I said before, I use a texturizing spray on each layer at the roots and then quickly throughout the rest of my hair, just to help give the wand something to "stick" to and help the curl take shape.  The rule I generally stick to is that I curl the hair closest to my face AWAY from my face, and then alternate after that.  This usually ends up being about the first 3-4 strands of hair closest to my face that I curl in the direction away from my face, and then about halfway from my face to the back of my head I start alternating the direction of the curl (I hope that makes sense?!). 


I keep curling until I'm done the layer and then pull some more hair down for the next layer and repeat- texturing spray, start by curling away from my face, then at the halfway point of my head, alternating the direction of the curls.  It just makes everything look a little less symmetrical and helps achieve those messy, effortless beachy waves.   

Disclaimer: Normally, curling wands come with a glove and I would definitely encourage you to the use it if you've never used a wand before.... speaking from experience, OWWWW.  



Here are a few "during" shots! 


So once I've gotten through all of the curls, I spray everything with hairspray.  I let it sit for a minute or two for the hairspray to dry and set, and then (AND THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP!) I run my fingers through my hair - trying to hit basically every curl.  This seems sooo unnatural to do after you just spent all that time achieving those curls, but I promise I do this every single time and it's what makes it look the best!  It separates the curls and ultimately gives it that effortless look - otherwise, the curls look too perfect and that isn't the look I'm trying to achieve here.  Run your fingers through it, flip your head upside down, throw some music on and bang your head around - I don't care how you do it, just give those curls some MOVEMENT! A final spritz of texturizing spray, a little hairspray to touch up, and then a couple pumps of the Bumble and Bumble oil to smooth everything out and voila!  Beachy waves for daysssss! Now bring on the sunshine ...and BEER! Lol!!