Shopping for home decor can be overwhelming, am I right? There's just SO much out there to choose from, for all different styles.  Plus, you want to get it right because your home can not only reflect your personality, but it's where you're doing the most important things ever.  Raising kids and pets.  Spending time with loved ones.  It's your own personal space that you find comfort in at the end of a long day.  

When we redecorated this year, I decided I wanted to focus on a more modern rustic farmhouse feel.  Deciding on the look I was going for made it a lot easier to navigate where to shop and what to shop for.  I found pictures I liked on Pinterest, and went out and tried to find similar items to recreate those looks in my own way.  As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?   There are a lot of people where this sort of thing comes naturally; but for me, more often than not, I just see something I like and then use it as inspiration or a guide to design it in our own house- and I'm mediocre at it, at best.  Once you've decided on what style you're gravitating towards and find a little inspiration to get you going, picking out decor feels much less like a task and starts to feel FUN! 

The stores I've listed below are my absolute favourite places to shop for home decor.  I think they're all amazing options that cover a wide array of styles and price points.  So pick your vibe, and give yourself and your family the space you deserve to call home!


Urban Barn

Ohhhh my gosh I LOVE THIS STORE.  Urban Barn is heaven on earth for anyone looking for chic and modern mixed with classic rustic.   


I mean, right?? Homesense has something for everyone, at amazing prices.  


Another great spot for finding home decor at really reasonable prices!! 

Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports makes me super happy because when you walk in it's just so COLOURFUL!  Tableware, blooms, decor, you name it- it's a great spot to find fun things to incorporate!  

Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel

 I don't live anywhere close to locations of either, but thanks to the power of the online shopping, I still have the option of shopping here (or at least looking, drooling, adding to my cart, and then abruptly abandoning when I see the total).  What can I say- these stores are amazing, beautiful, classic and timeless!  (And also super great places to look for gifts!!) 


I also LOVE finding little local gems.  Seriously the customer service when you shop local is always amazing, and I love supporting local small businesses.  Flower shops, as one example, are usually awesome little spots to find goodies you may not necessarily find in big box stores.