HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! I promised you this post - I know it's a day late from when I promised it but we've been so stinkin' (for those of you who follow me on IG, you'll understand - literally stinkin') busy.  This time of year is C-R-A-Z-Y on a farm.  At times like this, more than ever, it's so important for our family to stay organized.  No matter what, if something is going on, IT GOES ON THE BOARD.  Trying to balance your own business, your family life, the growing number of social events going into the summer, appointments, meetings... yeeeeesh I need a beer just thinking about it LOL.  

This is probably one of my favourite walls of all time in our house.  Is it silly that I have a favourite wall?  I mean, yeah, but I'm almost 30 and a mom of two so the expectations of what's considered to be exciting are significantly lower than they used to be.  I saved up for this wall and COULD NOT WAIT for our house to be painted so that we could hang it (I know Kev is laughing at "we" could hang it.... fine... so he could hang it).  I have to admit- for the sake of wanting it to look half-ass presentable, the calendar isn't in it's normal state of jam packed black marker chaos.  But you get the gist.  


So basically each section of this wall are separate items.  The white board calendar, pinboard, and each hanging file are their own separate pieces.  There are also other options of pieces you can get- the nice thing about this system is that you can pick and choose which items you want based on what you want your wall to look like, or how much space you have to work with, and you can also customize where each piece will be in relation to the others.  It's a really clever and handy system. There are also other finishes you can get it in as well if you prefer something other than white (more of an off-white, if I'm being specific).  I'm going to link the white one just for the sake of simplicity.  You also have to purchase the rods they are hanging on separately.  

Here is the link to everything: 

Pottery Barn Daily System Components

You'll see that when you open the link, there are several options of components you can choose from to customize your wall.  For the rods to hang them, among the component options you'll see where it says Top Display Rod - 12" and Top Display Rod- 24" - these are your hanging rods.  The 12" is obviously for the smaller components (for example, my hanging files) and the 24" is for the larger components (for example, my whiteboard calendar).  The website also shows you examples of different configurations to help inspire your own personal wall.  

On ours specifically, one thing that bothered me a little bit was that since the calendar is a whiteboard, we only write one month at a time- and we all know that there are tons of events in the future we need to keep track of, whether it be the following month or the following year.  I solved that easily by just purchasing an inexpensive monthly planner from Staples and I keep it in one of the hanging files - that way, when any events or appointments are scheduled in the future, they're written down.  When that month comes along, I just copy what's written in the book to the whiteboard and BAM.  Ready to go with a new month! 

I hope this helps!! This has been KEY to our organization.  I love having a space to display invitations, thank you cards, and tons of other stuff - while having a place for mail, magazines, and all kinds of other stuff right there before I turn for the entryway and out the door.  Plus, it's just ohhhh so pretty to look at!!!