In honour of Mother's Day on Sunday, this post is dedicated to my own mom- an amazing Mom and Mimi!!!  Show your moms some love this Mother's Day ya'll - they deserve it.  


1. Her work ethic 

As a full-time working mom and now grandma who is CEO of a local, well respected insurance company (she's a straight up boss even though the top of that industry is pretty male dominated), I’m often in awe of my mom’s work ethic. She has given everything she has to be where she is and despite being in a very high demand position, we have never felt as if she is absent.  She gives her all to her work, and then comes home and gives her all to her family.  

2. Her style

There is no doubt in my mind that I get my individual love for fashion from my mom.  Guys this woman is TRENDY!  She always looks put together and LOVES finding pieces that are unique and beautiful.  I admire her style a lot, and have always felt encouraged to care about the way I present myself thanks to her.  


3. Her strength amidst hardship 

These past few months in particular have been extremely challenging due to personal family matters, followed by the very recent loss of my Grandpa, and her dad.  She faces hardship with patience and class, and an incredible amount of strength to proceed with life as usual.  An incredible role model in terms of perseverance!

4. Her as a grandma

One of my favourite things about having kids is also getting to see my parents in a different light - as grandparents.  My mom is “Mimi” to my kids and she truly is the best!  She loves spending time with my kids and shows unlimited love and patience towards them.  Jase and Bree love their Mimi!! 

5.  Her humility

This woman takes credit for NOTHING.   She simply just does what she believes is right, true, and considerate, whether she’s going to get recognized for it or not.


Mom - I hope you always know how loved, appreciated and valued you are.  I love you!