HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It's beautiful and sunny outside- what more could you ask for on a Friday in June? We will definitely be BBQing tonight!  Summer weekends and beautiful weather always have me thinking about our outdoor space, because we love hosting a good BBQ/pool party (pool parties aren't what they used to be though - ours now consist of water wings, reapplying sunscreen 292187 times and "MOM! WATCH MY BIG JUMP" over and over again).  Nonetheless, it's always a great time with family and friends.  Since our work doesn't leave room or flexibility for vacations at this point, Kev and I decided we'd love to slowly work on our outdoor space/backyard as a little escape to enjoy right at home.  I've also been working on styling our porch area where people come in - but it isn't done yet, so that'll be a post of its own later! 

I've been really happy with little improvements we've made this year.  Most of the outdoor decor I found this year was from our local Canadian Tire- I find their prices so reasonable, and honestly you don't want to be spending a whole lot on outdoor stuff in my opinion because (especially in the country) it can blow around, and is basically CONSTANTLY covered in bird shit.  So without further ado - below are some pictures of our outdoor space in its current state (there are always plans in my head of things to change - but one thing at a time here).  


We have a few different focal points in our outdoor space, but of course the seating areas are always big ones.  This is normally what our patio set area looks like on a day to day basis (I've styled it a little differently in pictures below as well).  

Here's the rundown: 

Our patio set is a used set that my mom and dad gave to us! 

Outdoor Rug:  Wayfair Canada

Table Decor: Canadian Tire 

Umbrella: Wayfair Canada 


Here's the table styled a little differently, for hosting an event!  I LOVE all the colours of these cute place settings!  So summery and fun.  

Outdoor Dining Set:  Wayfair Canada (here's the link - and they're on sale!) 


So I don't know about you but gardening is naaaat a strength of mine.  I depend on our local garden centre to help me pick pots that are going to work in certain areas.  Below, these are ones I picked out for on either side of our patio door, which happens to be under an awning so these are pots with plants that love the shade.  I love them, and by the end of the summer they're normally HUGE!  

Black Planter Boxes:  handmade by my dad, painted by me! 

Sunburst Mirror Wall Decor: Canadian Tire 

Outdoor Lights: I believe these are from Lowe's Canada- but we put them up quite awhile ago so I can't remember forsure! 


Also on our main patio area we have an outdoor fireplace.  I'm not sure where it's from, this was generously given to us by a few couples as a wedding gift!  It's close to our patio set so that when the get-together moves into the evening (kids are in bed, beverages are flowing, you know the drill) we can start a little fire to provide some heat!  It's been awesome to have.  


Finally, this year in our pool area, we added some lounge chairs.  I am OBSESSED with these.  We got an awesome deal on them, and they've been really great to have by the pool to add some extra seating!  Also - as I said before - I am not a strong gardener so I stuck to ferns and plants this year.  I will do this from here on out, not only because myself and flowers are not friends- but also for the fact that petals don't end up having to be cleaned out of the pool.


Lounge Chairs: Canadian Tire 

Outdoor Pillows: Wayfair Canada 

Black Bistro Set: Also a wedding gift!

Outdoor Lantern: Canadian Tire 


And voila!  Our outdoor space! I love it so far, I find it cozy and fun and it brings me happiness.  Bring on BBQs, beers, and good memories with friends and family!