I get asked about home decor a lot.  In fact, the last time I asked for a little feedback on what you guys wanted to see more of- home decor was one of the main topics!  I think it's because our homes are such a source of pride for us- it's where we spend our most precious time, and reflects who we are and how we live.  So of course, we want our homes to look as good as possible!  But I find it can be so hard to find a balance between trying to match those most coveted homes we see on Pinterest and what our bank accounts actually say is attainable (LOL yikes).  

When we started doing some redecorating, I tried really hard to find ways to modernize our style without renovating.  I think it's important to remember that this may all "look" effortlessly put together (or maybe it doesn't?!?!) - but I can say it definitely wasn't.  It was a lot of looking- looking for inspiration, then looking for particular items to match that inspiration, then looking for sales on those particular items, andddd then trial and error with whether it was actually going to work in our space or not.  I think my biggest piece of advice is to just take it little by little, otherwise it can all feel sooo overwhelming (and expensive) - just one room, one wall, one piece of furniture at a time.  So that's what I'm going to do here- show you little by little what I did to achieve a space we love! 

This is the main feature wall in our living room!  I used a couple of pictures on Pinterest as inspiration to style around the TV and I really love how it turned out! 


Here's the rundown: 

Console Table- Urban Barn 

Feather Prints- My Favourite Store - Forest, ON

"Our Nest" Sign- I made this myself at a sign making afternoon with family! 

Greenery Wreath- Wayfair Canada


"Storage" Bin - Homesense (I use this bin to store the the toy stash we keep upstairs!)


Candle Holders, Decorative Sphere, Slate Coasters- Urban Barn

Boxwood Greenery Ball, Lantern- Pier 1 Imports 

"Plant, Grow, Bloom" Planter Set- these were a gift from a friend, but they're Rae Dunn and can be purchased at Homesense/Marshalls/Winners 

Pig Block Calendar- this was also a gift (and so fitting for our farm!! lol) but I've also seen this at Urban Barn and local stores that sell rustic decor! 

Petal Tealight Candle Holders- My Favourite Store - Forest, ON

Suitcase & Decorative Grapevine Ball- I can't actually remember where these are from (useless I know LOL) but I feel like you could find a suitcase fairly easily and I know there are people that can make those grapevine spheres (although of course they can just be bought as well) - but you could really decorate a suitcase with anything!  


This planter was actually super easy to style!  It's SO cute on its own, but I added some faux succulents to finish it off.  Instead of trying to find coordinating or matching greenery to fit into each planter, I actually just got one pot of these succulents from Homesense and I ended up ripping it apart and separating each piece into these little planters, with a layer of crumpled up tissue paper underneath to hold them up.  Cost effective, and I love how it turned out!  


Unfortunately, you're not going to find these stars anywhere in store.  These were homemade by my brother-in-law as a Christmas present!  Aren't they AMAZING!? He did an awesome job- I love them!!! 

So that does it for this wall!  I moved things around several times before I settled on a setup I was happy with, so don't get discouraged and don't be afraid to try different things!