So this morning... it happened.  I totally hit a breaking point.  If you follow me on Instagram (that's where all the day to day madness happens LOL) then you will have heard me talk about it already.  I hit my breaking point of having fallen off the wagon when it came to dieting and exercise.  I've posted previously on the weight loss journey I've been on that really started after I had my son Jase (who is now 3) and the roller coaster it has been between dieting, being pregnant, having a newborn, dieting again, and so on.  

After I had my daughter (who will be 1 next month.... pardon!?!) I lost right around 70 lbs.  It was awesome.  I felt sooo gooooood... and then life happened.  Things just got SO CRAZY.  We had so much going on, all at the same time.  We had just finished up a crazy year with having a new baby and building a barn at the same time, going through a ton of work to make a lot of changes around the farm, the busy time of year that comes with springtime was right around the corner, I was neck deep in launching this blog, and I was trying to visit family as often as I could because my grandpa was very unwell.  We had foreign workers scheduled to arrive a couple of days after my grandpa passed.  This was all among so many other stresses that I can't even get into right now.  But my anxiety level was through the roof- it all seemed to be happening at one time!  Needless to say, I fell off the wagon.. HARD.  

I hadn't been actively dieting for a few months but I was maintaining my weight really well so I really wasn't all that worried.  Then all of that happened and I stepped on the scale this morning... and F**K.  There was 10 lbs back on.  Breaking point hit.  I texted a good friend of mine right away, who is a health and fitness coach, and told her what was all going on.  We made a plan, I put a grocery order in with all my classic weight loss essentials (lean meats, and a TON of fruit and vegetables) and away I go again. 

Once I hit the point where I'm ready to go, it's all or nothing for me.  I DO NOT STOP until my goal is reached.  So I've set some new goals, have a new goal weight in mind, taking some before pictures and measurements, and it's back to the grind.  I'm linking the recipe for one pan Mexican chicken & rice that I'm making for supper tonight because it is absolutely one of our favs (mostly because it's healthy, super yummy, and all of us can enjoy it!) 

So wish me luck!  Hopefully in a few months I'm checking in again having reached some goals.

Here's the recipe!  ... I top mine with a dollop of plain greek yogurt and it is sooo good!