HAPPY LONG WEEKEND everyone!!! This one is possibly the best of the year.  CANADA DAY LONG WEEKEND! WOOOO!!! This is an especially fun weekend for us because Canada Day also happens to be my hubby's birthday! We always celebrate with a BBQ and pool party with our friends and their kids. It's the perfect weekend for it because ohhhhh baby is it ever hot outside - so the pool will be full and the drinks will be flowing! 

In honour of the long weekend, I wanted to share a delicious summer porch crawler recipe!  We made one last weekend when friends of ours came over, and we decided right away we were going to do round 2 over this weekend too!  There were a few people that asked so I'll clarify quickly - there is no one specific porch crawler recipe (or maybe there is!? ..but I've certainly never followed the same one LOL).  The whole idea is to dump whatever liquor you have in your cupboard and then add juice, pop, beer - whatever you want really - until it tastes good.  This is why its name is fairly self explanatory - this stuff ends up being so delicious you barely taste the unbelievable amount of alcohol and wind up crawling up your porch at the end of the night LOL!!!! 

So this was completely made up and ended up being delicious! I don't know if you can call it recipe because there is absolutely no measuring involved.  But I'll tell you the ingredients and you can add however much you want of them until it tastes just the way you like it! 


Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka 

Peach Schnopps

Watermelon Sourpuss

One (big) bottle of Strawberry White Zinfandel (we used Wild Vines!)



Minute Maid Frozen Juice - Fruit Punch Flavour 

Feel free to also add some Fresca or something else fresh, fruity and delicious! 



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