Earlier this week I posted on Instagram for followers to DM me and ask any question they wanted about me, the blog, or any of the topics I generally cover.  I got lots of really great questions (and not going to lie, a couple of weird ones LOL)!  I've been really surprised by and grateful for the response the blog has received so far, and this too did not disappoint! Sooo I ended up picking out 10 that I want to answer for you right now! 


1. Why did you choose to start a blog? 

Great question! In short, the whole reason I got into blogging was because I wanted to provide a really comfortable and easy going place where I could share about all of the things I love, or that are relevant to my life right now- home decor, affordable fashion, beauty, motherhood/parenting, health/weightloss, to name a few.  I live such an average lifestyle so I wanted my blog to be relatable, and inspire people to find products they love or feel great with themselves in a really attainable way.  If you want the whole rundown of how I felt about starting a blog, you can follow this link to read a post I wrote on it when I first launched! 

2. How do you like running your own blog so far? 

It's a lot of fun!!! Like I've said before, it's a great outlet to talk about things I love, products that make life easier, and I've gotten to interact with a ton of new people which has been really awesome! To be completely honest, it's a lot of work to stay on top of.  I want the content I post to be relevant, interesting, and I want to stay true to myself and the reasons I started at the same time - so I'm always doing a ton of brainstorming - but it has definitely been worth it so far, because the blog has really grown in the last little bit and I can't wait to see where it'll be, say a year from now! 

3. What do you normally eat in a day? 

Ahhh I get this question so much lol!! (Just for anyone new following along - I get asked this a lot because I've been on a weight loss journey for some time now, which you can read all about here).  Generally, for breakfast I eat either a fruit/yogurt parfait, a fruit smoothie, or toast with peanut butter.  For lunch I switch it up a lot- generally a salad, a wrap or sandwich, or leftovers (or KD right from the pot that my kids didn't eat- don't judge).  I try to have my carbs at lunch, but it doesn't always work out that way.  For supper, I love tons of different stuff in the summer.  We BBQ a TON - usually a meat, vegetables or salad, and often some sort of potato dish (which I usually skip out on at supper if I'm trying to lose weight), but we also LOVE stirfrys.  I always have a snack in between each meal- sometimes fruit or veggies (sometimes chips cause I am naaaat perfect).  So at this point that's usually what my day looks like! 

4. I never know what to eat for lunch when I'm trying to lose weight.  Do you have any tips for lunch ideas? 

This is such a good question because I also found lunch to be the toughest meal when it came to weight loss!  Breakfast and supper I always found easy to plan for, but lunch for some reason I was always wondering what I was going to have.  Lunch is when I really became a creature of habit.  I had A LOT of salad, and particularly loved taco salad (I figured out how to enjoy it in a healthy way - I'll share the recipe soon!), I often had a container of precooked chicken/peppers to have a fajita or have it over some rice, any sort of chicken & veggie wrap or quesadilla, or tuna on an English muffin with a side of veggies.  Or, if we had meat/veggies leftover in the fridge from the night before, I'd have that! 

5. Where are your favourite places to shop for clothes? 

Yikes- how much time do you have?? LOL.  I shop at a pretty large variety of places but my absolute go-to favourites right now are Nordstrom, LuluLemon, American Eagle/Aerie, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Vici.  Honourable mentions - Roots, Walmart (super good basics!!), Le Chateau, and occasionally Aritzia and Addition Elle.  

6. What's your favourite restaurant? 

EASY- Milestones.  This is definitely our go-to if we want to go out for supper for an occasion.  Close runner-up is Beertown!

7. I am really loving your blog.  How long do you plan to keep it going? 

First of all, thank you so much!!  Second of all, I have absolutely no idea - I mean, maybe forever!?! I'm really happy with the growth I've seen in the last couple of months since I launched, and who knows where it'll take me! Right now I'm just focussing on discovering what content goes over well and what doesn't, and trying to grow via different brands and platforms!  I'll definitely be keeping it going as long as the opportunity works out for me, and as long as you guys keep enjoying it!  

8. How far apart are your kids? 

Two years!  Jase is three, and Aubree is one! 

9. How do you make sure you're not on your phone or computer too much in front of your kids?

Oh man, this is a really good question.  Most of my blogging gets done at night, after my kids go to bed.  That's really just because that's when I have time to actually sit, think, and write.  So I guess that takes care of that- as for my phone, that's a daily struggle for us all, isn't it?! LOL.  Like I said, the times that I really sit down on my phone is usually in the evening when they're asleep so it really doesn't matter then - throughout the day is always a struggle though because so much of my work at home revolves around emails, accounting, reports, etc. - basically all things I need a computer or phone for.  So I try to make sure I pay attention to them or take them outside to play for awhile.  It's a tricky balance! 

10. Are you going to have anymore kids? 

Well wouldn't you like to know??? Haha - only kidding.  I can say forsure that Kev and I feel extremely blessed to have Jase and Aubree.  They're wonderful and bring us so so so much joy (most of the time lol). I'm not convinced we feel as if our family is complete yet- but whatever comes our way, whether that's more children or not, we will welcome and accept lovingly and happily!