HALLELUJAH PRAISE JESUS my dining room is FINALLY finished!!! This room transformation has been over seven months in the making... and actually, it was transformed again today for our sweet little girl's 1st birthday party!!  I am absolutely LOVING hosting in this space.  It feels so damn good to just have it finished and I'm really proud of the finished product! 

This room took a lot of planning (and then re-planning), shopping around, trial and error, and waiting for sales... but I'm so So SO happy with the final result!  I've mentioned in previous posts that we redecorated some of our house this year, to give it a more modern farmhouse (literally, we live on a farm) feel.  It's been a slow but sure work in progress, starting with some big stuff and working my way into all of the little, finishing details.  


Please don't mind how horrible I am at taking before pictures - this is actually more accurately a "during" picture (as you can see, everything is a complete disaster and we were getting ready to paint).... but let's be honest, the kids' toys make everything look like a shitshow and it's always everywhere LOL so that part maybe didn't change so much!!!  Anyways, here's our new and improved dining room! 


VOILA!  Seriously I'm SO IN LOVE with this room!  I love its clean lines and simplicity, and how it still has rustic vibes, just done in a more modern way.  Obviously, the first thing we started with was a fresh coat of paint.  I'm obsessed with this really beautiful shade of grey (called "Rain Barrel by Beautitone).  It took me 3 times to get the colour right but it was worth it because I'm so happy with it!  This wall colour is actually the colour of basically our entire main floor (minus bedrooms and bathrooms), as it is an open concept space.  One of the main things I knew I wanted to incorporate was a statement pendant light - I found this one at Lowe's Canada (here's the link!). 


Obviously in the centre of the room is this amazing dining room table - but guess what - my dad built it for us!!  AMAZING right!?  It's giving me some major Restoration-Hardware-on-a-budget vibes.  He has built quite a few items for us in our house and I've loved them all - this is no exception.  I sent him a few pictures of farmhouse tables that I liked and we settled on a beautiful post and rail style table.  He finished it off with black bolts all along the sides of the table, which was an amazing touch!  I then stained the table with Minwax Classic Grey wood stain and top coated it with about 6 layers of a satin finish polyurethane.  It has held up really well so far to spills and heat (and kids LOL - the ultimate test!).    

The chairs were honestly a bit of a gongshow - it took me a loooong time to pick some out.  I started looking long before the table was finished so that I could find ones I wanted (and hopefully find them for a good price, chairs are f-ing expensive) and I was having such a hard time picking! It's definitely not easy to imagine how it will look altogether.  Plus, I had a lot of boxes to tick - they needed to match the room, be somewhat stylish, but also be kid friendly, easy to clean.  Since we work at home, my husband comes inside for all of his meals and is often in dirty, stinky clothes (sorry babe LOL) so the chairs really needed to be able to stand the test.  I first ordered one style that didn't end up working - they were grey upholstered side chair but there was just too much going on in the room.  I needed something neutral and easy to maintain.  

I ended up finding these black chairs on Wayfair Canada and I LOVE THEM (shout out to Haley for suggesting black - ya nailed it).  They are super sturdy, and they're metal so I literally just wipe them clean.  It truly does not get better than that on a farm, with two young kids! Plus, they accent other aspects of the room really nicely and I am obsessed with the style!

I am also absolutely in love with the white frame photo gallery wall.  I ordered these white frames as a set off of Wayfair - here's a link for one that isn't exactly the set that I have but it is basically identical. 


  I'm really obsessed with the way the wall turned out.  This was the perfect way to sort of brighten up the room, which is why I picked white frames.  In keeping with the clean look of this room, I decided to fill the frames with black and white photos.  I think they look super crisp! 


I actually depended a lot on Wayfair Canada for decor in this room so I'll be mentioning it a few times!  The beautiful shelves in the corner as well as the round mirror above the hutch are both from Wayfair.  This beautiful cupboard is from Urban Barn and matches the coffee table and console table in our living room - it's a really open concept space so it all flows together nicely.  Plus, it offers a ton of storage- of course, mostly for toys, puzzles, and colouring supplies I attempted to hide but .... they always seem to find it LOL.  

Most decor items you see here, besides the Rae Dunn items on the shelves, are either from Urban Barn, Pier 1 Imports, Bouclair, or a local rustic decor shop! 


Overall, I'm just so unbelievably happy with this space.  As you can see, there weren't any renovations that took place - we changed out the table/chairs, light fixture and decor - and it added up to BIG changes.  It was so well worth it!  Of course, if you have any questions about where anything is from or you're looking for some inspiration of your own, don't hesitate to get in touch!!