In case you guys haven't noticed, I have a REAL THING going for jeans and a black top.  If a black top and jeans combination is wrong, then I don't ever wanna be right.  It's probably my favourite outfit combination, of all time, forever and ever.  Is it boring? You could definitely say so.  Is it creative? Not overly.  But it's classic, you can dress it up, dress it down, and you can have TONS of fun with accessories.  I just feel like you can't really go wrong.  


Probably the other thing I love about this classic combo is that it can be taken through seasons.  I just feel comfortable in it - you know, like that little black dress you went to because you know that old classic never failed you.  It's like that.  


Also, can we please talk about this adorable top?! It is SO light and comfy.  And kinda sexy, in my opinion, with that low cut V.  I love the eyelet style, and am OBSESSED with the shoulder detail.  I found this shirt totally by accident while I was browsing for jewelry - ironically enough, it was a hidden gem!  It's from Stella & Dot, fit true to size if you look at their size chart (I ordered an XL) and it's just classic, feminine and easy to wear. 

Here's a link for the shirt! 




I also think this is going to be a go-to bag for me because I am actually obsessed with it.  It's from Aldo (so SUPER reasonably priced) - actually, I featured it just this week in another blog post all about designer bag dupes (which you can read about here) because this bag reminded me so much of the Chloe Pixie bag! Anyway I absolutely love it, it goes with everything and really fits a lot in it for being a smaller bag! Also love the crossbody option for hands free! 

Here's a link for the bag! (It also comes in black!)




Finally- the finishing touches!  My earrings are also from Aldo (here's a link - they also come in red, which would be adorable with this outfit!), and my shoes/sunglasses are both Tory Burch!