I don't know about you but it has been hellllllla hard to get back into the swing of things today after that long weekend.  What a blast we had with our friends and the kids! We did a TON of swimming, enjoyed lots of food (andddd maybe a few beverages too LOL) but that's what summer is all about, right? Good food, good friends, and good times! 

Speaking of the good times- we all know that summer can be CRAZY busy with events.  Between BBQ's, camping, and parties - it's also, of course, wedding season! I find that finding dresses for summer weddings actually isn't always easy (you'd think it would be, but believe me, once fall comes around I rejoice because I'm a classic long sleeve LBD kinda gal).  You need to find something fashionable that you'll also be comfortable and cool in so there won't be anything stopping you from tearing up that D floor!!! 

I found a PERFECT summer dress and wanted to share it with you.  It would work awesome for attending any weddings, showers,  It's super lightweight, the material is cool and comfortable, and it's super flowy!  


Let me just say that it was actually out of my comfort zone to pick this dress because I'm really not all that into floral (which is kinda crazy because it's EVERYWHERE right now) but the anchor colour is black so I'm pretty sure that's why I felt okay with it LOL (#longlivetheLBD am I right?).  There are a few things about this dress I absolutely LOVE.  I love the style first and foremost.  As a curvy girl let me just say that I find it especially flattering because it's a wrap effect dress that accentuates your waist!  I also love the v-neck neckline because paired with the long flowy bottom, it really elongates your body! 

I really wanted to play up on the fun colours of the floral pattern and just happened to have that amazing turquoise clutch that matched perfectly (don't you just love it when that happens?!).  It's so fun and summery!! Then, of course, just to balance it all out I paired it with a classic nude sandal pump.  I do love it with a heel but honestly I think you could easily put it with a flat sandal as well! I really fell in love with this look! Most importantly, I was comfortable and I felt really good in it.  See below for all the outfit details! 


Here's the link for the dress - it's not on sale right now unfortunately, but sizing is fully stocked! For reference, I'm wearing the large!  

Here's a link for the shoes but I also want to give some price point/style options, so here are a couple more links for shoes I think would look great as well! 

These or these or these are all also great shoe options!  I stuck to nude options because a) you know I LOVE a nude shoe with literally anything and everything and b) these are great price points (plus Aldo has pretty frequent sales, and they ship from Canada!) 

The turquoise clutch I got a couple of years ago from Anthropologie, so I can't link the exact one, but here are some other options I love as well - they aren't turquoise, but I think they would be super cute!!  This one or this one !