The questions I probably get asked the absolute most when I'm actively losing weight is "what do you eat in a day?" and "I need ideas for what to get at the grocery store- what do you buy?".  I only recently started attempting to try and lose some again after putting a bit back on this summer so far (thanks for nothing, Corona) so my grocery hauls as of late have been pretty healthy again.  Plus, we all need a little food inspiration once in awhile - otherwise, if you're anything like me, things can get pretty repetitive.  


This is typically what a normal grocery haul looks like for us.  I buy fruits and veggies more often than I do a big haul, so we usually have quite a bit more than everything pictured here, I just didn't need those things during this trip - also a lot of local farms have fruit and sweet corn and all the good stuff ready right now so we try and buy from there when we can!  The produce section is the first spot I hit when I go into the store, and that usually fills up a couple of green boxes.  ALWAYS a watermelon to cut up in the summer- both myself and the kids are allll over that.  Then it's on to the bakery - Kev and I eat different kinds of bread, he loves the Villagio Original white bread and I usually opt for a whole wheat (this particular Country Harvest kind has no sugar added - which is good, cause I like bread haha).  I usually have hamburger/hot dog buns on hand during the summer, and whole wheat tortillas and English muffins is a staple as well.  They make for a good quick breakfast with peanut butter, or lunch with tuna and cucumber!  I also always have some rice stocked, because my whole family LOVES stirfrys and we eat them often! 


We source our own farm fresh pork, and receive our beef from a local farmer as well, so I don't often buy any of those items at the store anymore- the only meat I buy at the store is normally chicken, always skinless/boneless and occasionally we do thighs or legs as well.  I am ALWAYS buying milk - we go through it like crazy with the kids.  We still buy the 3.25% homo milk so they're getting the fat they need (Bree just turned one and still has a bottle a few times a day too).  Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, tzaziki are all staples, as well as a rotisserie chicken that I love for quick protein on top of salads or in wraps, or cut up with some vegetables for the kids.  


And of course, as you can see, as much as I try not to get sucked into the chip aisle, it inevitably happens - because a) we're normal and not perfect, and b) I have a 6'7" husband who can eat whatever he wants (ughhhhh).  I normally get big-boxed items that I can buy in bulk such as granola bars or other quick snacks to grab for the kids, at Costco.  But for every couple of weeks- this is a pretty typical grocery haul!  

What are your favourites and grocery staples?? I'm always up for sharing food ideas!!