Do you remember the days of your life when you swore you weren't going to have a "mom bag" with cheerios floating around on the bottom, a half eaten banana wrapped in a napkin for later, and sixteen hot wheels cars and dirty socks you have to wade through just to find your wallet?  Yeah, me too.  But here I am.... about to tell you all about my mom bag. 

I'll be honest, I like to try and keep my bag pretty organized (and anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about my bags.  MY PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS BAGS).  But at the end of the day, when you're on the go with kids, shit gets messy and as it turns out, I'd keep a baby skunk in my bag if it meant my kids would be entertained long enough to get through the checkout in peace.  So stuff inevitably starts to gather at the bottom.  For the sake of the photo, however, all dirty baby socks, cheerios, part-bananas, and pieces of garbage were removed in order to help maintain some of my dignity.

Photo by: Haley Thuss - Photographer

Photo by: Haley Thuss - Photographer

I should mention right off the bat for anyone wondering, the black tote is an everyday go-to for me!  It's Tory Burch, but I bought it off of eBay! 

So first and foremost, the hub of the whole bag - the wallet.  I am actually SO DAMN PICKY about wallets.  If I'm being completely honest, this is not my ideal wallet.  I'm a weirdo who does naaaat enjoy having to unzip the whole thing just to get a card out (especially when you're doing it multiple times in a day... LOL just kidding hubby).  But low and behold- this is absolutely the most popular type of wallet so until I find my one true love (I'm still talking about wallets, right?) I'm sticking to this one.  This is a beautiful one though,  by Kate Spade- I love the colour, and the pebble leather! My ideal one is smaller, like a medium sized wallet, with a snap closure where all the card slots are and a zipped change purse part that opens up nice and wide so I can actually see what's in it ..... cue Type A personality jokes.  It's fine.... I'm aware of the level of crazy I'm on. 

Next, no blogger, mom, female, or just human in general leaves without their phone (some days I feel like it barely leaves my hand long enough to go into the purse) so that's always on me.  

Keys - yup, wouldn't get far without those.  

Glasses for when I'm blind, sunglasses for when I'm blinded by the light (admit it, you sang that part in your head LOL same) 

Hand cream I love to have on me because dry hands are a huuuuuge pet peeve of mine, and hand sanitizer/Kleenex/Kleenex Wet Wipes because, well, life.  

Always a hair elastic for tying up the mane (especially when my neck is sweating because I'm running errands and just unloaded and loaded the kids into the car for the 47th time). 

Only packing one snack is actually pretty rare - I always have high hopes that I'm going to pack a cute little protein bar that I'll get to eat later on... LOL ya right that shit gets jacked by my three year old before we've even left the laneway. 


I'm a strong believer that mascara and some lipgloss can do wonders for your appearance when you've put in less than minimal effort.  So lipgloss comes with me wherever I go! (One is Dior Addict Lip Glow in "Pink Glow" and the other is Mac Cremesheen which isn't available anymore) 

TOYS.  Because what I said earlier about the skunk was a little aggressive, and some little toys usually do the trick in a pinch.  

Last but not least - my notebook that's literally labelled "Notebook" which I use for all things blogging- sometimes, if I'm rushed or have it closer, I type ideas into my phone but as far as scheduling, brainstorming, and ideas - this notebook is dedicated to all things BLOG and comes with me wherever I go so that when the inspiration hits, I don't have to worry about trying to remember (cause you know that ain't gunna happen!!!) 

Other things that generally also make it into the bag that aren't pictured: a water bottle, a little clutch or cosmetic bag of some sort (you know, for all the knick knacks ... tampons, bobby pins, bandaids, etc), diaper/wipes clutch, and various other things that make it weigh 3000 lbs.  

So there you have it! A little tour of my bag.  I was getting pretty good at just throwing my wallet and keys into my diaper bag, but I'm not using a diaper bag quite as much right now since my kids are (a little) less maintenance.  So it's back to the mom bag aka the reason I go to a chiropractor every two weeks LOL.


Here's a BTS action of Haley working her magic, making me look all organized and polished while there's a literal toy tornado happening in the background.  This is real life folks.