Yesterday I went on a big rant on Instagram about how stores, and commercials, and bloggers, almost everything else on earth was getting ready for fall and back to school.  Even the emails I get that are supposed to email me about sales are emailing me about "Fall's Cutest Sweaters".  What!?  It feels like summer just started! I'm not into pumpkin spice anything (cue gasp) but I do loooove fall fashion and yummy scented candles and making big pots of soup.   I'm just not ready yet!  I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer.  So I'm sorry if you're gearing up for a new fall wardrobe.. it's still going to be tank tops and sandals here for awhile.  


This is such a typical look for me!  I've posted before about how I'm definitely a black top + jeans kinda girl (I'm definitely guilty of owning wayyyy too much black) but honestly it's just so easy.  Plus, when my kids spill inevitably spill something on me, I won't be cussing under my breath about how the hell I'm going to get ketchup off a white shirt.  

I love this top because it's the perfect easy basic for everyday.  Plus, I got it at our local Walmart so it was incredibly priced!  It washes super well and I love the v-style, and I also love that I can just wear an ordinary bra with it. 


These Banana Republic jeans are one of my favourite pairs (duh, wear them ALL the time).  Here's the link - they have a ton of stretch, are super comfy, and I love how the distressed part is at the knee and not up the thigh (that's a, ahem, "fluffy" area for me so I tend not to want big rips right at my hips).  I'm wearing the 32 and I ordered the tall length!   

These amazing Steve Madden shoes were a MUST (aren't they all?? LOL) but let me tell you- they are sooo damn comfortable!  The platform makes it so easy to run around in them all day long.  Give me comfort and cuteness all in the same shoe any and errrrryday! Here's the link! 

Accessories Love! 

The tote is one of my absolute favourites- it's the Tory Burch Perry Leather Tote in Black.  I'm not 100% sure if this is still available to purchase, I ended up buying mine on eBay (and saved a fortune on it too, might I add).  Sunnies are RayBan!