Happy Sunday friends!! So it should come as a surprise to no one that I'm a littttttle bit of a makeup junkie.  I love trying new products, but of course, with that comes the need for storage.  YIKES.  I've had to get pretty resourceful when it comes to organization, particularly in our bathroom, because it's a small space... but where there's a will, there's a way!  One trip to our local Dollarama later and I was on my way to a newly organized makeup drawer in no time!  Keep on scrolling for a step-by-step guide to how I managed to fit all of this into one little drawer, for under $20!   


So basically when I was deciding how I was going to organize my makeup,  I went with a system that separated my "everyday" products with others that I don't use as often (I also tag along sometimes to weddings to do makeup on the side, and do it for friends/family as well!).  Pictured above is generally stuff I like to choose from on a more frequent basis, so I wanted it nice and handy for when I'm quickly getting ready in the morning!  


So essentially this was what I was working with.  As you can see, not a large drawer.  So I went to my local Dollarama store and found these clear containers in different shapes and sizes, which came to under $5 - the long ones and smallest square ones came in packs of 2 for $1.25, so that was great!  Two of the longer organizers that look different than the others are Interdesign, that I ended up stealing from one of our kitchen drawers (here's a link for them - they're the 3 x 12 ones) and they run at around $7 a piece.  Then I played around a bit until they were arranged in a way I could make work.  


Once I got them in place, I started organizing all of my products into them!  I started with the small squares, which proved to be perfect for hair elastics and bobby pins.  Then I moved onto brushes/sponges!  I know the popular thing to do is have brushes displayed in a cute little jar but I don't have a ton of space and counter clutter drives me batshit crazzyyyyy.  So into the drawer they went.    


Next I moved onto makeup!  When I was organizing, I tried to also separate the products into categories - so that like products would be in the same container (omg Lindsay... your OCD is showing).  What I mean is that products to do with eyes (liner, mascara, creams, primers, etc) went into one container.  Foundation all went into another, and so on.  


Finally, I added some setting sprays that fit really nicely into the drawer where I didn't have any containers!  


And voila!  For right around $20, I was able to organize that small drawer to hold ALL of that product!  It's super handy just to pull out that drawer, and everything (and more) that I would need is all right there! 


Andddd as a small added bonus, I'm going to put myself out there a little bit and show you how I've organized the stuff I don't use as often! I've stored this on a shelf in one of our bathroom closets.  All of the clear organizers were purchased from Amazon (keep scrolling, I'm going to link a couple for you!) and the glass jars that the brushes are in are from... surprise!  The dollar store! 

Photo: amazon.ca

Photo: amazon.ca

Photo: amazon.ca

Photo: amazon.ca

Photo: amazon.ca

Photo: amazon.ca