Look out -  rookie youtuber/video editor/makeup do-er comin' through!  Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional makeup artist (just a self-taught mom who likes makeup).  This was filmed on my laptop...  not a camera.  And I had to do a voiceover because (surprise!) my kids were fighting in the background.  I might have to pour myself a big ol' glass of something or other to get me through the next time I do this. 

In all seriousness this took me SOO far out of my comfort zone.  When I watched it back I was like ... oh my GODDD is that what you look/sound/act like?  It's like hearing back an old voicemail you left or something- mortifying.  I also had no idea how to record/edit a video so this is the very first product of a self-taught amateur (forgive me).  My hope is to get a little better at it, so I can do some more in-depth videos (like a good smokey eye or hair routines or step-by-step contour/shading.... oh the possibilities).  Anyway- for now- I promised I would try and do more makeup tips/tricks/videos so... here goes! Scroll down for details of and links to all the products I used in the video!