Ahhhh.. the Tupperware cupboard.  The one you're scared to open in fear of what's going to fall out at you.  The never-ending search for the matching lid.  I feel like every single household has to have this problem.  Which is why I don't feel bad posting this shitshow that was my Tupperware cupboard before I re-organized it (not that I really would anyways).  


Quite possibly this was organized at one point in time, but we've been on more of a "just shove it in" basis (that's what she said.... LOL where my Office fans at??).  Honestly though I couldn't find anything in that cupboard.  There was stuff shoved all the way to the back, inevitably collecting dust and probably mouse poop (gross but true) until I needed it and would have to basically unpack the cupboard to get to it and then... ahem.. shove it all back in.  

So I made it my mission after a follower and close friend suggested maybe doing a post on organizing the classic messy Tupperware cupboard.  It was a great idea not only because we all have them- but also because, as you can see, mine needed doing so it would force me to do a little organizing as well.  

I did a little research on Pinterest first to see how others had organized their Tupperware cupboards, and most involved a fairly extensive wire organizing system of some sort that required installation, etc.  1. Ain't nobody got time for that (props if you do, please feel free to re-do mine at any point) and 2. I have a funny shaped corner cupboard designated for this stuff and I didn't feel like trying to configure some sort of installed organizing system into it.  At least not yet.  This is one of my kids' favourite cupboards to empty (cough, destroy) so I needed something quick, easy and inexpensive.


Ta Da!  If there's anything I've learned, it's that small, simple and inexpensive changes can pack a big punch.  I also always remembered a tip I learned from following "The Home Edit" on Instagram (if you don't already, GOOOO DOOO ITTT it's organization heaven and the girls that own it are hilarious!), which was that one of the best ways to organize was to contain everything.  Everything will immediate look more organized if it's contained- a tote, a basket, a box, anything.   So I went to my local Walmart and found a couple of clear totes (so I could see what was inside) and a little sliding drawer, and away I went.  

On the top shelf of the cupboard, I have all of my bigger items- big bowls, larger containers, salad bowls, veggie tray, etc.  I've stacked them by size now, and as for all of the lids, I found a nice flat basket at the dollar store that can sit on top of another tote to hold all lids for all of the bowls on that shelf.  


On the bottom shelf, as you can see, instead of having a whole bunch of stacks of different containers, I put all of those stacks into ONE clear tote so that they were all contained.  Now, when I'm looking for a container, I can slide out the one tote instead of trying to dig my way through a whole bunch of different stacks.  


As for lids for all of the smaller containers, I found this portable drawer also at Walmart that I thought would be perfect to hold them all.  Plus, I can stack on top of it as well for more storage space.  So all lids are now in that little sliding drawer for the containers on that level of the cupboard! 

I have to say that it only cost me a few dollars to do- it might not be the prettiest to look at, like some you see on Pinterest- but we're a real household that makes messes, and I'm trying to work with the space I have without spending a fortune to do it.  Small changes can equal big results because I already feel way better opening that cupboard!