WARNING: Below is quite possibly the most basic white girl post you’ll ever read. Sorry not sorry.

Change of season means change of decor, change of clothing, change of routine - and change of home scents and hand soaps. Go-to place? Bath and Body Works- duh! Like, is it even really fall if you’re not stocking up on all things pumpkin, vanilla and spice (I mean, of course it is, but I warned you that this was going to be full of basic white girl-isms).

So I thought - hey, might as well share my mini haul! I don’t get much because honestly, it lasts for so long and the season isn’t that long before, ahem, Christmas is here! But I did stock up on a few things this year!

Photo: www.bathandbodyworks.com

Photo: www.bathandbodyworks.com

I don’t usually end up buying a candle or soaps every year because I don’t go through them fast enough so I usually just store them until the following year and keep making my way through them - I know I could just buy one, but as we all know, the higher quantity you buy, the cheaper they become a piece. So I normally overbuy and then store them. But this year I got this candle and have to say I’m loving it so far! Love the warm, cozy smell of Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow! I also have some “Warm Vanilla Sugar” foaming hand soaps from previous years!


Here are some amazing hand soaps (the foaming ones are absolutely our favourite) that you can choose from this year!

Next, I stocked up on some Wallflower refills! I just recently got into the Wallflowers at Bath and Body Works. Before, I was using Scentsy, but switched over to these super easy wall plugs. I just started using them this summer and have been really loving them so far. I was wary because normally I find you just end up replacing these way too often and it’s a waste of money - but these last sooo long! They release the scent really slowly and evenly. I only changed the ones I had with my “summer scent” once over the entire summer.


I’m not quite finished my summer scents yet, but they’re really close (which worked out pretty nicely if I do say so myself) so I’m going to wait until those are finished and then switch them out. I went with the scents “Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow” (like the candle), “Pumpkin Apple”, and “Warm Vanilla Sugar”. You could get 5 Wallflower refills for $23, so I got 5 in total between those 3 scents. Warm Vanilla Sugar is easy enough to carry through to the holiday season too!

If you’re going to order the Wallflower refills, you’ll also need the Wallflower plug-ins to go into the wall. These are the ones I have!


I don’t usually switch these out, but if you’re interested, there are always REALLY cute (like, super tempting actually) seasonal/holiday ones that come out as well. Like these ones!


Seriously the corn one!?!? Hard to resist LOL. But anyway - that’s this year’s fall haul! Hope you enjoyed it and happy shopping!!