This year I decided that I was going to stick to a more simple and minimalist decorating style, and so far that has included seasonal and holiday decor (although I’m a Christmas fanatic, so I guess we’ll see when we get there LOL). Clutter just gives me crazy anxiety - it drives me batshit crazy, actually. So I’ve really tried to take the “less is more” route and stuck to it. Plus, I’m all about packing a punch with minimal time and effort spent, and if it’s more budget-friendly, than I’m sold!

So I started where everyone first walks in - we do have a front door/porch but it’s unused so I normally decorate around that with a wreath and some cornstalks on either side of the door (which aren’t ready yet- they’re still green!) and then a few pumpkins that about does it for the front porch. The side door, which is under a carport, is where everyone comes in so I put a little bit more into decorating around that door, however like I said, I’m keeping it pretty simple.


I started with these lanterns that I found at our local Canadian Tire store, and I’ve had them out all summer! Even though they’re fairly protected under the carport, they are still exposed, particularly they will get wet if it’s windy and rainy at the same time - but they’ve held up really well to any weathering.

Here’s the link for the lanterns! From there, you can choose the large one, small one, or both!

I also still need to get my pumpkins. I LOVE white pumpkins so I’ll definitely be getting some white ones if I can find them, and then mix in a couple orange ones and maybe some squash/gourds too! I always buy my pumpkins from local roadside wagons/stands, so I’m waiting for those to start popping up so I can get pumpkins!


I’m absolutely loving this wreath! Love all the colours and the little pops of metallic. Believe it or not, this amazing wreath was a grocery store find (Real Canadian Superstore, to be exact - I guess you just never know where you’re going to find something awesome!) so I can’t really link it for you- but I’m going to link a couple of other ones below that I think are equally beautiful and festive!


Love both of these amazing options! These wreaths are both from Pier 1 Imports (which has 20% off of Fall & Harvest decor right now!)

Here are both links for these beautiful wreaths!

Left Wreath & Right Wreath


I have been OBSESSING over this doormat combo! Fall layers aren’t just for clothes guys!! I was inspired by a couple of pictures I saw on Pinterest (obviously) and went on a hunt for something similar! I found both of these super cute doormats on Wayfair Canada! I absolutely love how cozy and festive they look, especially with the plaid (and black/white combo is oh so classic!). I’ll link them both below- of course, if you want to find your own, just pay attention to the measurements of each mat to make sure you’ll get that ‘layered’ look!

Here’s the link for the ‘Hello’ mat - I have the 1’5” x 2’5” rectangle; and here’s the link for the plaid mat - I have the 2’ x 3’ rectangle!


I’ve kept everything inside really simple as well. The fireplace is easy to decorate because it’s truly a focal point in our open-concept space, so when I decorate inside this is where I usually start! I found this super cute sign at Pier 1 Imports (seriously guys, their Fall & Harvest selection is awesome!!) but instead of hanging it on a wall like it was intended - which I never usually do for seasonal items anyways - I decided to prop it against the fireplace! The little pumpkins pictured were little dollar/grocery store finds from years past.

Here’s the link for the pumpkin patch sign!


Also at Pier 1, I was able to score a couple of super cute pillows!


Last but not least, I’m a big believer in livening up a space with florals, and as you can see, it doesn’t just have to be at springtime! These beautiful sunflowers (also- you guessed it! - Pier 1) were long stems I cut down and put into a vase, to use as a beautiful fall centrepiece on the dining room table! Love the subtle pop of colour from the different sunflowers.


So as you can see, it really wasn't all that much that I put up! But it feels cozier, and festive without the added clutter that you sometimes get with seasonal/holiday decor!!

This post was not sponsored- all the products you see are ones I found and love!