Well everyone, we did it. We made it through Monday, and now we’re onto a dreary, rainy Tuesday (perfect day to try out this recipe!). I’m actually really impressed with everything I’ve been getting done these past couple days, considering I have a one year old that currently wants nothing except to be held (and how could I not- between molars and a cold, my poor thing!). Knowing that witching hour at the end of the day yesterday was going to make it tough to get a good supper made, I started early on and decided to throw a pot of soup on. We are HUGE soup lovers during the cold weather season (kiddies included) so we eat all kinds of soup. It also makes for lots of leftovers, so enough said- YUM.

In my opinion though, nothing quite hits the spot like a good, hearty chicken noodle soup when everyone is feeling under the weather. This is definitely a staple in the soup rotation, and it’s good every time. Plus, the absolute pleasure of getting to smell it simmer all day… mmm. Served with some fresh bread, there really is nothing quite like it!

One of the best things about this particular recipe is that it’s healthy (or at least, you can modify it so that it is). You can add more veggies, less veggies, different veggies, use different broth, use different spices - there are tons of things you can do to modify this recipe into exactly what you want it to be - and it will most likely still taste awesome (the beauty about soup).


low sodium chicken broth


boneless, skinless chicken breasts (2 or 3), diced

carrots, diced

celery, diced

spanish onion, diced

pasta noodles of your choice (this time I used rotini)

marjoram (sorry guys, I don’t measure so I couldn’t even tell you how much - just throw some in and if it needs more, add more!)


Clubhouse Garlic Plus seasoning

salt & pepper, to taste


First, start to simmer chicken broth & water on low in a large soup pot


Dice chicken breasts, and in a separate pan, cook all the way through. Season with salt, pepper & Garlic Plus. When cooked thoroughly, add to soup pot.


Dice carrots, celery, and onion. In same pan as chicken was cooked, add 1-2 tbsp (really rough estimate) of extra virgin olive oil and 1 cup of water, and dump your veggies in. Cover & let cook until they start to soften.


Add veggies to soup pot. Season with marjoram, thyme & salt/pepper.


Let simmer on low through the day, stirring occasionally

About 1/2 hour before serving, increase heat, add pasta noodles, and continue to simmer until pasta is tender

Serve with a slice of fresh Italian bread (and continue to not feel guilty because damn, you deserve it)


Bon Appetit!