Morning everyone!! Hope all you moms and dads are having a great week getting back into the swing of things with kiddies going back to school!  For the last couple weeks, I was given the opportunity to test out some really great Pampered Chef products.  I have to say, some of them very quickly became staples in my kitchen - so I want to review a few of them for you right now! 

For anyone who isn't familiar, Pampered Chef is a very well-known company that specializes in handy kitchenware - some classic, some so innovative you just have to wonder how you've gone this long without having them before.  So when I was approached by Jacky, a local Pampered Chef consultant, I was really excited to give some of these products a try.  Jacky came bearing two giant bags of products for me to test out!  Here's what she brought: 


She also brought me one product that I fell particular in love with, which I'm going to review separately below (along with a recipe!).  

Here is the itemized list of the products I tried (and they're all linked if you want to check out the details!): 

Family-Size Quick-Stir Pitcher :  I personally prefer similar pitchers from other brands that we already have, but I will say that the size of this one is awesome (perfect for a nice batch of sangria!)

Nonstick Fry Pan : This is a really smart idea.  A detachable handle so that all of your easy, one-pot recipes can go from stove-top to oven without making more dishes! 

Kitchen Paring Knife

8" Bread Knife

5" Santoku Knife

Pizza & Crust Cutter  : I loved this pizza cutter!  I used it when I made some bruschetta and I loved it because of the super handy crust cutter!  Again, such a small feature, that adds just so much more convenience to a simple task

Mini Serving Spatula : Can you ever have too many of these? 

Large Chef's Tongs : Um, hallelujah, these actually STAY closed so when you open your drawer there aren't tongs jammed in the way.  Gold.  

Mix N' Scraper

Mini Mix N' Scraper

Prep Bowl Set w/ Lids

Easy-Read Measuring Cup Set  : FAV!! Such a small change but it made a simple task just that much faster!

Close & Cut  : 1 word - genius.  Cutting grapes for two kids just got a whole lot quicker!

Mix N' Chop

Quick Slice : We are a family that loves stirfrys, and this was awesome for quickly chopping veggies to throw in.  

Microwave Bowl Cozy Set : So smart!!! No more scorching hands on hot bowls coming out of the mic! 


Now, for probably my favourite product out of everything I tried.  

The Snack Bar Maker! 




This is a new product to Pampered Chef, having just been released in June 2018.  The tray is oven and freezer safe (the lid is not oven safe, FYI) and HALLELUJAH, it's dishwasher safe!  I used this to make my own healthy granola bars, and it was honestly the easiest thing ever.  There are so many possibilities with this thing!  I made granola bars, but I plan on trying tons- you could make your own "chocolate bars", I want to try some with fruit, yogurt and granola - the options are endless!  

Here's the recipe for the healthy, homemade granola bars I made! (Literally, this will take you like 10 minutes).  


Those are all the ingredients you need - 2/3 cup peanut butter, 2 tbsp honey, 1 cup minute oats and 1/2 cup chocolate chips.  I have also added 1/2 cup of ground flax seed in the past as well!  

Mix it all together in a bowl, and then portion it all off into the Snack Maker!  


The Snack Maker also comes with a handy little spatula, that will help flatten everything out so the lid fits on, as well as help scoop the granola bars out after! 




Overall, I was really happy with a lot of the products I tried and can't wait to get my own!  I want to thank Jacky for giving me the opportunity to partner with her and show you guys some really awesome products that will make your things in your life go quicker and easier in the kitchen!  Jacky was extremely knowledgable of the products, and also provided me with some great recipes that I could make, using these products to help me out! If you would like to contact Jacky to purchase products of your own, here is all of her contact information! 

Website : - Click "Find a Consultant" in the top right corner, and enter Jacky Saul 

Email :

(226) 886- 4996



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