Hey ya’’lllllll happy MONDAY! It’s the beginning of week TWO of the next chapter in my health journey so I want to round up how week one went and what I’ve all been changing. Side note - “health journey” may sound kind of eye-rolley to you and that’s okay (it kinda does to me too??) but I just couldn't bring myself to just call it a “weight loss journey” anymore because this whole thing has really turned into so much more than that. I mean yeah, the end goal definitely includes weight loss. But there is SO much going on mentally as well that I just think health journey better describes it - and I didn’t think “Hard AF journey towards a smaller ass and a happier mindset” was all that attractive of a name. Anyways.

In all seriousness, the first couple weeks are always the toughest. You’re breaking old and bad eating habits, you’re cutting down portions, your body is facing cravings and yes, maybe a bit of deprivation, and when you start exercising and pushing yourself again, you’re probably going to be slowly lowering yourself up and down off the toilet for a few days (just me?) cause your muscles are going to be stiff and sore. So there’s a little insight into week one LOL. But let’s also not forget to talk about how my skin has already cleared up a lot, I have more energy, the sluggish feeling is gone, I’m more …ahem… regular? (TMI isn’t a thing here), anxiety feels more in control - in one week. It doesn’t take long for your body to start rewarding you for making healthier decisions. One of the hardest things about losing weight is waiting to see results - but all of those things are results too! This is why I want to call it a ‘health journey’ now - because all of those things matter and contribute to your overall health. In the past I would be so fixated only on the number on the scale not moving. Now, I appreciate all of those non-scale victories that contribute to an overall healthy wellbeing. It’s going to take a while for me to get smaller, and that’s going to feel good. But all of this feels good in the meantime and is equally important.

So let’s get into what I’m actually doing. Mondays are always Day 1 for me in the week. Sundays I take as a rest/cheat day and they close out the week for me. They feel like a reward for the progress I made during the week. I know some people don’t believe in cheat days because it feels like you’re just pissing away what you’ve accomplished during the week. That’s okay. This is all based on what works for YOU. Cheat days work for me. I feel like it keeps my body guessing, and sort of keeps my metabolism on its toes. On top of that, I’m not about depriving and punishing myself. I think about things I’m craving during the week, and on Sunday I might treat myself to it. By Sunday night, I feel full, satisfied, maybe a little guilty and ready to start Monday again off on the right foot. It’s been successful for me in the past so I'm sticking to it. The key is being able to start up again on Monday and getting back to it. In my opinion, one day or one meal isn’t going to make you gain a bunch of weight if you’re exercising and eating healthy all the rest of the time. I believe it’s what you’re doing the majority of the time that’s going to dictate your health. It’s when a Sunday cheat meal turns into extra snacking on Monday that turns into drinking pop on Tuesday that turns into overeating on Wednesday and so on. You have to have the willpower to get right back to it on Monday.

So I took before pictures (obviously!) on the first day and I take progress pictures on the first day of every month after I start. Pictures are an easy way to see results and progress that you might not be able to see looking at yourself in the mirror from day to day. I also have a specific pair of jeans that currently don’t fit me (but I want them to) so the first of every month after I’ve taken progress pictures, I also try on the jeans and see how much closer I’m getting to being able to put them on or do them up. I I’ve really moved away from caring about the number on the scale and my goals revolve more around sizes and how I feel as opposed to a weight. With that being said, I’m human and I’m motivated by seeing progress - and seeing progress on the scale is more likely to happen faster than say, going down a pant size. So I weigh myself once a week. If it goes up, I genuinely don’t care. There are SO many things that can contribute to your weight. And when it goes down, that feels awesome too and provides some motivation! It’s all about what works for you. If the scale makes you feel like shit, avoid it like the plague. Focus on your mindset. Focus on how you feel. Focus on how your clothes fit. Do you feel good? Is your heart healthy? Whatever works for you. It’s taken me a long ass time to get to a point where if the scale goes up while I’m losing weight I’m not bothered. That’s why it works for me. It helps me see progress sometimes, it’s not my enemy. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t do it that way. This is just my story- but all of our stories are going to be different.

Week 1 Results

So after all that rambling, here are my results. Not much to report in week one. Like I said before, I was amazed at how much my skin cleared up- in one week. I increased my water intake and drink around 3L a day and I’m sure that helped. I have more energy. I don’t feel as sluggish. I had a cheat meal yesterday ( was good during the day and then cheated big time at dinner!) and was ready to get up and get going again this morning.

I didn’t lose any weight (in fact, it went up - this is what I mean. I did amazing things for my body this week and the scale went up. Could have to do with muscle mass, hormones, water retention- whatever the hell. I don’t care!). I started out slow with working out because we were still getting over pneumonia. So the first four days I walked on the treadmill at a brisk pace, on about a 5.5 incline. Friday and Saturday I did a couple workouts I used to do (holy shittttt I was reminded quickly I’m out of shape) and now I’m SO SORE. So that will suck for probably a couple more days. It’s all part of it.

The most exciting? I lost off my waist. In a week! I wore a sports bra for a lot of the week, and then I put on a bra I bought before Christmas, and I easily and comfortably went to the next notch. I didn’t take measurements but I know I lost a bit from there because of how that bra fit when I put it back on. So that was exciting! I also just feel way better and more productive.

I didn’t intend for this to be this long - I guess I have a lot to say about it LOL! It was week one so I wanted to give you some deeper insight into what I’m doing and how I track progress, I’m sure subsequent updates will be shorter, and I’ll try and include some food ideas and recipes in the future.