HEY GUYS and welcome to what is quite possibly my favourite serious on the blog yet - ORGANIZATION WEEK! Or as Kevin calls it, “shark week but boring” LOL. Few things bring me more joy in life (you know, besides the obvious ones - health, friends, family etc) than organization. Ya’ll must know me well enough by now to be able to diagnose a very distinguished type A personality, and organization is so very close to the top of the list of my life’s greatest pleasures. Alright I’ll stop - I mean, you get it right? ORGANIZATION MAKES ME FUCKING HAPPY.

Anyway. By the end of last year, things were getting a little out of hand. It had been such a busy and stressful couple of years, by the time the holidays were over I couldn’t stand the disorganized feeling anymore. Ringing in the New Year gave me all those “fresh start” vibes and I’ve basically been on a rampage up until now to get my shit in order. And I gotta say, it feels gooooood.

Now I realize that not everyone is as into it as I am. For some, it’s just not a priority and you know where everything is despite it being kind of a gong show. THAT’S FINE. You do you. For others, the thought of tackling something to organize just feels overwhelming - don’t know where to start, don’t know what to buy, don’t know where to find what you’re looking for - that’s okay too. I’m here to help. And for the rest of you who are just like me and get a sick sense of satisfaction out of reorganizing a fridge or bathroom closet… WELCOME TO THE PARTY.

So whether you love organization as well, and find yourself in a state of euphoria when things are orderly - or it gives you crippling anxiety just thinking of how to tackle that pantry… hopefully this week and these posts will scratch an itch for all of you.

Organization Week, Day One: Kitchen Cupboards

We’re going to start off nice and slow with some of the easiest spots in your house to organize. A quick overhaul of your kitchen cupboards can make all the difference for simple, everyday tasks, like unloading the dishwasher or cooking dinner. We know the basics - like cups/plates cupboards go close to the dishwasher for easier unloading. But what about the cupboards with 13 half-full bags of opened pasta, or the shoebox of spice bags and seasoning packets? (Guys, I’m using my own examples here. Even the most organized people have areas in their house that bring them shame LOL).




Now you might be thinking that this isn’t that bad. Maybe it isn’t. But the truth is, I couldn’t find anything quickly. If I needed Oregano, I was digging around in that shoebox looking for it (first world problems much?). All of my “baking items” were on the top shelf and any overflow got shoved into that black bin. There was definitely some room for improvement. And whether your cupboards are a complete shitshow or maybe not so bad, we could probably all benefit from a couple of the products I used to clean it up.




Much better! And guys - this was so easy. First of all, clear bins make a world of difference when it comes to being able to find things quickly. I immediately know exactly what’s in each bin when I open the cupboard. And - best part - no more shoeboxes!! I added a turntable for easy spice access & storage, and the clear bins allowed me to fit more items in them and therefore I could utilize more of the cupboard space without things being all over the place.

Here’s what I used:

For the spices, I used this turntable.

Interdesign Linus Divided Turntable


For the bagged spices on the first shelf (I couldn’t find the exact ones I used online, I got them in the store- but these condiment caddies would also work!):

Fridge Binz Condiment Caddy

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.07.46 PM.png

On the second shelf, for more spices, epicure dips, etc, and the third shelf for some baking items:

iDesign Cabinet Binz Storage Bin - 10'“ x 5

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 7.27.45 AM.png

On the second shelf, for seasoning packets:

iDesign Cabinet Binz 10-Inch Cabinet Packet Organizer

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 7.15.58 AM.png

On the third shelf, for baking soda/brown sugar/white sugar, these are old and I believe from the dollar store - so check there first! - otherwise here are some similar:

Acrylic Clamp Top Canisters

On the third shelf, tucked behind the baking soda, for flour:

OXO Good Grips Square Food Storage POP Container - 4 QT


The options for organizing your kitchen cupboards are truly endless! This is just what worked for this cabinet, but there are tons of other options. See below for some more storage examples!

We’re not coffee or tea drinkers, but if you are, these are great storage bins for your coffee cups/tea packages - and if you drink both, don’t worry - these bins are stackable!

iDesign Cabinet Binz Stackable Coffee Pod Storage Box