Happy Saturday guys! Here we are, I can’t believe it. The last day of organization week. I could probably make a whole month out of this based on how many spots in the house could use a good overhaul LOL! But baby steps for now. The final day is dedicated all to the dreaded pantry. This is possibly one of the top spaces in the home that normally could use some work. It’s a heavily accessed area that has to store a lot of stuff! It’s no wonder it gets out of control every once in awhile.

If you’re someone who has a beautifully shelved walk-in pantry, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! I’m working with limited space in our house and I’m constantly looking for easier and more convenient ways to store everything. Our "pantry” is actually an old coat closet in our entry way, right off of the kitchen - we’re frequent Costco shoppers and when things are on sale I tend to stock up - but I didn’t know where the hell to put it all! So we converted this closet and added some shelving (now I don’t have anywhere for all of our coats, but you can’t win them all I guess). All this white wire shelving and hardware is from Lowe’s. As you can see, there was an attempt once upon a time to organize things into containers and baskets, but over time it started to get out of control again. The bottom shelf actually wasn’t always there (we JUST added it before I took this picture) and I decided I was going to dedicate that shelf to items that were easy to grab for the kids. We were going to trial seeing how it went with the kids being able to get their own snacks, and it’s going really well so far! So I think that shelf is a keeper. Anyway - here’s the before shot.




Maybe not SUPER scary, but definitely getting a little out of control. Things were starting to overflow and I knew I could use the space more wisely. Most items I got were from Solutions or Bed Bath and Beyond, and I’ll link the older items that stayed as well! Here’s the after:


One of the main things you’re going to want to do when you’re cleaning out your pantry is get rid of or compile all of the “half bags” and “half boxes” of stuff. Anything that’s been in there for a little too long can also go, as well as maybe those items you had good intentions with but never ended up opening - like the cans of chickpeas you swore you were going to put on healthy salads before realizing you hate chick peas. (Things that aren’t expired but that you maybe can’t see yourself actually using are great to donate to local shelters and food banks!).

Next, try and group similar items together. We’ll start from the bottom and work our way to the top. All of the bigger items are going in the space at the bottom because they’re too large and too heavy to take up shelf room.


Next came the new kids’ shelf. Like I mentioned before, this was going to on a trial basis because I didn’t want these snacks to be so easily accessed that the kids were eating them too often. But I wanted to encourage some independence in going to get their own snack and so far it has been working out really well. They have really loved being able to go over and get something from their own personal snack shelf, but haven’t taken advantage (yet, at least) so it’s staying for now!


On the next shelf, I put large baskets that would hold tons of stuff for things like jars, cans, condiments, boxes and packets that normally make things look a little scattered. I grouped all jars together, all boxed items/packets together, and all condiments together. (Tip: make sure when you’re installing these shelves that you support them adequately with support bars! A shelf like this one is holding a lot of weight!).


These are the same wicker baskets that I used in my previous bathroom post - they’re from Wayfair Canada and are currently sold out. I’ll link them anyways because I’m sure they will come back in stock (you can also leave your email so that they notify you when they do come back) and here are some other options as well. As a side note, it’s always going to be best if you measure the space that you have and then try and find baskets that will accommodate that space. Wayfair makes it really easy because you can apply a ton of filters to what you’re searching for to narrow it down more easily!

Wayfair Basics Woven Hyacinth Storage Basket Set

For the top two shelves, I really wanted to try and de-clutter so that I would have some space that was functional but also aesthetically pleasing as well. A great way to add interest to your pantry space is to use different containers, that are different sizes, shapes and material. On these shelves I’ve incorporated quite a few different containers to create a clean look but that also give me lots of storage space.


Second Shelf - Here’s what I used:

InterDesign Kitchen Binz- Small

So that does it for Organization Week! Thanks so much for following along. I hope that if anything, you were able to take away a few ideas or tips to help you get organized, as well as discover some products that will help make your life a whole lot easier!