Hey ya’llllll! So I totally shit the bed on a week two update (but to be honest, not a lot happened so combining them feels okay) but I wanted to hop on here and let you know how it was going and I’m going to include a little example of a day’s worth of eating at the end if that interests you at all.

So I will say that I’m a bit of a seasoned veteran when it comes to losing weight, I’ve done it couple of times now in between kids and lost around 50-60 lbs each time. So I know what to do and how to do it (like seriously, the next focus is going to be on maintenance because I’m getting pretty sick of this shit LOL). But each time I’ve done it, I’ve always found that weeks two and three are the worst. The first week I always find there's a real sense of motivation so it never feels too bad. Weeks two and three are when I really feel myself having to fight cravings and old habits.

These two weeks are when I’m really trying to make sure I stick to it instead of slipping back into those old ways that I was so recently in. It’s still incredibly early in the process so I’m not truly seeing any brag-worthy results (of course, I’m only speaking from my own experience - yours could be totally different). In my experience, it takes at least three weeks before my body settles down. I’ve started pushing myself harder in workouts, so I’m starting to build muscle again and they’re sore from not being worked in a bit. By week four, I usually feel like I've found my groove again - which is this week so I hope that’s the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel really good. During the week when my eating is dialled in and I’m focussed on pushing myself fitness-wise, I feel REALLY good. I mean, I just had a weekend of a lot of cheating (I celebrated a birthday, literally didn’t think twice about enjoying it) so I’ll have to get back into things again tomorrow, which isn’t an issue because by about this time on Sunday night, I’m craving getting back to feeling good come Monday morning.

So- results wise, as I said, nothing major to report. I’m not discouraged whatsoever though, because I’m only just getting through my first three weeks and this definitely does naaaaat happen overnight. Friday (1st of the month) will be my first official “weigh in” (ew, gross term) since starting, so next week I should be able to give you some more concrete findings. Hoping to see some positive results, but I don’t plan on being let down if I don’t - because even if the scale doesn’t reflect it, I can feel that I’ve done wonders for my body in these short few weeks so far and that if I stay patient, the results will come.

Here’s a little example of a typical day for me:

Drink 3L of water throughout the day. This is non-negotiable for me.


strawberry/yogurt parfait

-strawberries, dollop of vanilla yogurt, sprinkle granola & chia seeds on top


protein shake

-raspberries, blueberries, a banana, unsweetened almond milk, bit of raspberry yogurt, scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 1 tsp ground flax


grapes, a few almonds


protein shake listed above (if I workout in morning) and use it as post workout/snack


whole wheat English muffin topped w/ egg salad, salt & pepper

-hard boiled eggs (mashed), light mayo, mustard, ground pepper


garden salad w/ rotisserie chicken

-iceberg lettuce, any veggies on hand, vinaigrette dressing


taco salad

-extra lean ground beef or chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato, green onion, shredded cheese, salsa, plain greek yogurt


veggies & dip


Smart Pop (white cheddar flavour! yessss)


any lean meat & veggie combination


any stirfry - veggie medley w/ teriyaki sauce, whole wheat rice (sometimes skip rice altogether & just eat chicken & veggie mixture if I had carby food earlier in day!)


a salad, depending on previous meals

That’s fairly typical at this point I would say. I definitely don’t feel like I go without, I just watch my portions really well and make healthy choices, and save a craving for a little cheat on the weekend! It works well for me. Hopefully by the end of this week, I’ll be able to give you guys some positive updates! Stay tuned!