Hey hey hey here we are at week FOUR! This is an exciting update because since we started a new month today, I have some official results to share! The first of the month is when I do an official weigh-in, take progress pics and try on a pair of jeans that didn’t fit when I started to see how much closer I am to getting into them. I said in the week one post that my plan was to do each of these things on the first of every month so that I could track my progress overtime, and my week to week update is usually going to be more about how I’m feeling and other accomplishments, so I’m excited to share with you guys some actual results!

Since how I’m feeling is currently most important to me, we’ll start with that. I feel 100x better than I did four weeks ago. Overall, I have tons of energy (still have plenty of days that I don’t want to work out or want to binge on a bag of chips, but overcoming that stuff feels even better), that sluggish, heavy, bloated feeling is gone and my skin has cleared up a lot. I’m currently working out 5-6 days a week, using a combination of mixed cardio, interval training, HIIT workouts, and weight training. No two days in a row are the same. I like to change it up so that I don’t get too comfortable just doing one, and then go back to it another day to see how much better I can get through it. I completely changed my diet, which consists of lots of protein, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, a lower amount of carbs (did not cut them out completely) and 3L of water per day. I have one “cheat day” or “cheat meal” a week, normally on Sunday, because it’s a rest day and lazy Sundays are literally my favourite time to eat LOL. I start right back up again on Monday morning and have never found it to hinder my journey - in fact, my progress seems to accelerate by mid-end week after a day of satisfying a few cravings. I firmly believe it’s what you do MOST of the time that counts, and this works well for me.

So, let’s get to some results. No drastic changes with my clothing yet, with the exception of being able to go to the next tightest notch on my bra. But I find it definitely takes a couple months of dedication to start seeing changes in size or the way clothing fits - for me, anyways. Officially I started on this journey again on January 7 (if you remember, the first week of January we were all fighting pneumonia) and I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 6 lbs. That may not sound like a huge number but that’s 1.5 lbs per week and that’s right within the 1-2 lb per week that is considered a healthy rate of loss. You may get bonus weeks where you lose a little more but to me, losing any more than that on a consistent basis seems almost too good to be true! I think it’s also important to note that if you’re losing less than this, DON’T get discouraged. The number on the scale might help see progress in the meantime but it isn’t what matters in the end. Every little thing we do to improve our health is well worth it! Just be patient and keep working hard.

My mindset has been overall really positive. Each time I’ve gone on a journey like this, whether it be after having a baby or just in general, my mindset has improved. I discussed previously that I’ve moved far away from the whole notion of hating my body throughout the process up until it gets to the stage I want. For the most part, I feel presently confident and happy, and content with how I feel myself getting stronger. A huge part of that is associated with social media, especially because I’m on it so much more since starting this blog. It has been so important for me NOT to compare myself or my journey with someone else’s, because it’s always going to look differently.

I have to admit I was particularly bothered this past week by stuff I was seeing on social media. I kept seeing posts about fitness, weight loss and health that I thought were misleading, inaccurate, and actually a little disturbing. Let me just say right here, again, that I am not an expert. I’m not a nutritionist and I’m DEFINTIELY not a personal trainer. But I’ve done a ton of my own research, using valid sources (including my family doctor) in order to figure out what is going to work best for me.

So, with all of that being said, I had to tune out some fairly absurd content. For example, I saw people and programs boasting ridiculous weight loss in short amounts of time, skewed before and after shots, advertisements for skinny teas and magic shakes and tons of other garbage currently floating around. Like this, for example:


Are you kidding me? 55lbs in less than a month from changing absolutely nothing about your health except drinking some magic potion everyday? Give me a f***ing break. This is obviously an extreme case but it happens on a smaller, more subtle scale too. This is the type of stuff that I hope you vehemently ignore. It took me so long to mentally feel good about this whole process and I just hope we can all weed through the garbage to make our way to a healthier lifestyle.

I guess I also just wanted to remind you (and myself) that it’s okay to turn to social media for inspiration, but just be aware that some of it truly is actually complete trash. And if it makes you feel bad, don’t be afraid to mute or unfollow. Stick to people who want to challenge you and really see you succeed, not make a quick buck off of you or give you false info that’s going to do more harm in the long run than good. I’ve been through this enough while letting all the wrong people “inspire” me and made enough mistakes in my day when it comes to health. Now, I am constantly researching VALID sources so that I can make intelligent, informed decisions about what proper nutrition is, I’m paying attention to nutrition values and I work really hard at working out in the meantime. I’ve been looking a lot at the new Canadian Food Guide that was just released lately (it’s amazing!) and I have been basing tons of my own dietary choices as well as meals for my family around that guide. Again - not an expert. I just want to be healthy and I’m sick of the BS that comes along with it.

Anyway - back to your regularly scheduled programming. That was just a little side rant I needed to get off my chest apparently LOL. So overall, I’m feeling really good. The results have been slight but on track, and even though there will inevitably be hard days ahead, I’ve overcome the hardest part- and that’s starting. Getting through the first few weeks is no joke. I’m 100% here to try and help with recipes and support (and more than eager to also accept those things myself!). But let’s just remind ourselves that we can all do hard shit.

So… let’s do the hard shit. Bring on February!