Photos by Haley Thuss

If I’m being completely honest, winter after the holidays has no appeal to me whatsoever. After Christmas and New Years Eve are over I have absolutely no use for the winter. I don’t enjoy winter activities (apres ski activities only, please), this is the time of year when everyone is sick, and having a January birthday always meant that birthday festivities were “weather permitting” because there was a 90% chance the roads would be shitty. Also, now that I’m a mom, it means getting out the door with two toddlers takes INFINITELY LONGER than it should because of all the damn bundling. Seriously, can you tell I’m bitter about it?? LOL I think you get the point. If there’s ONE saving grace to the useless weather between the months of January-April (I wanted to say March, but let’s be honest, in Canada it’s April by the time it’s all gone) it’s the fashion. Booties and oversized scarves are my jammmm.


I absolutely LOVEEEE (like, I’m OBSESSED) with this Free People scarf (linked here) - mine is in the colour “cream”. Love how oversized it is, and it truly is the coziest scarf I’ve ever owned. Plus, it’s currently on sale!

One of my current favourite styles is to also mix neutrals. I’m such a sucker for just wearing black (typical, I know) but I’m trying to expand the colour horizon in my closet and I love the look of different neutrals from the same colour scheme in one outfit. Okay so maybe this isn’t incorporating colour per say….. baby steps.


This cowl neck tunic is one of my absolute favourites from the Gap- it’s not available anymore but they have a really similar v-neck style tunic in the same soft spun fabric (it’s seriously the comfiest and coziessttttt) and to be honest I’ll probably get a couple of this style too just because they’re so damn comfy!!! Here’s the link - Softspun V-Neck Pullover Sweater Tunic . This style is also perfect to rock with leggings since it’s a longer length! That’s always the selling point for me LOL.


I’ve linked these jeans 100 times before but I’ll do it again here because they’re just that wonderful - they’re high rise, they’re stretchy, they’re dark wash, they come in a tall length AND extended sizes. What more could I possibly want out of a pair of jeans!

Finally, these booties are the second colour I own because they are so easy to wear. I don’t wear heels all that often, so my pain tolerance for them isn’t all that high- but I don’t even consider these to be “wearing heels” because they’re a block heel and therefore hellaaaa comfortable. There are only a few sizes left because they’re on MAJOR sale right now, but don’t worry - they come out with either the exact same or very similar styles every year! These are the Emely Beige Ankle Boots - very similar to these are the Naedia Ankle Boots (not currently on sale, but basically the exact same boot and a lot more sizes available).

Add a big tote and you’re ready to take on anything that #momlife throws at you in your day!